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Pablo Escobar lay dead, the Cali Cartel had taken over much of the global supply and an avalanche of coke was poised to hit Europe. Click to Try Audible Free. This book describes how and why these decisions were made, and discusses whether the outcomes could have been different.

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They were called a generation without heroes. Trump's presidential campaign and the Russian government.

The results of these fateful decisions led to Donald Trump taking his place eight years later. You're getting a free audiobook. But it was not by the power of one man alone that these ideas gained new power.

21st Century

21st Century

21st century mp3

Homo Deus looked to the future. Sapiens showed us where we came from.

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The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have taken a tremendous toll on the mental health of our troops. Former secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano offers an insightful analysis of American security at home and a prescription for the future. Admired and detested, he was the force behind the Dayton Accords that ended the Balkan wars, America's greatest diplomatic achievement in the post-Cold War era. Republic of Lies looks beyond the caricatures of conspiracy theorists to explain their tenacity. The cartel bosses operated like a lethal multinational, with armies of hit men and myriad spies in ports, airports, police stations and government offices.

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The story of one of the Afghanistan war's most decorated units and their month ordeal, culminating in the Battle of Wanat, the deadliest battle of the war. Now listen to an audio version of one of the most talked about government documents in history. After a two-year investigation, the results of The Mueller Report have been released to the public.

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American Cipher Bowe Bergdahl and the U. American society has always been fertile ground for conspiracy theories, but with the election of Donald Trump, sap2000 tutorial previously outlandish ideas suddenly attained legitimacy.

21st century mp3