2ne1 dating scandal, cl is speculated to have dated british model ash stymest

The single peaked at number two on the Gaon Chart upon release. When she does good will i might respect even with herlap dancing. The i-fans are the only clueless ones here. Haha, you should volunteer.

If you're going to troll, atleast back your shit up so you wont look like a total idiot in the process. It was a random post, with no pictures, you know anyone can post anything online, not everything is true. Not just pathetic but also delusionnal. Stop embarrassing yourself. These rumored-to-be couples could've been circulating around the.

Her video come back home was so sexual with its symbolism i loss respect for her. Whoever believes these girls havent date are delulu. We totally forgot about that. Just how can they fit that in their sched? You can search for her endless list of celebrity fanboys.

She shouldn't be worried, when the time comes for her to be with someone then it'll happen. Right I totally agree with you. If someone wants nude or porn kdrama is not the right place. The single was a success and achieved a perfect all-kill on Instiz, placing number one on seven local music charts.

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  2. She shortly withdrew from the program following the scandal and went into a hiatus from the entertainment industry.
  3. Anyway, Jung Il Woo considers Dara as his only close female friend in the industry.

Just saw on instagram, the girl who posted the original post that she saw them said she meant it to be a joke. You might want to take a bath with Holy Water or better yet a Moriatic Acid. Fans who give up on a group because they're dating are pathetic. That girl is far from down to earth from the way she talk, dress, and drives.

Before saying that Dara is far from down to earth, friends is give us proof that you lived with her ever since she was born. Song Hye Gyo smiles in glamrous new photo update. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

The Full Story Behind The Most Shocking K-Pop Scandals You Must to Know
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That's why they are not so into k-things like we are. That's the only evidence they have as of now. Why is this written in English? Dara and Bom hasn't been caught yet by Dispatch. To see Dispatch photos is to believe, eh?

This also applies to boy groups. She is a member of one of the most popular girl group. But i guess if it is true, dating a model business the heart wants what the hearts wants! You want proof and elaboration.

They probably thought their bias would be forever alone. She used to be good girl now she changed. But hey anything is possible, and if it is true then I hope they are happu. Like I said, do all idols lap dance on their fans and spread their legs in front of them. Darahae it's mostly ifans speculation and shipping, like ChanyeonxDara.

Why would someone point out how Filipinos are into her? Yang further explained that Park sought out medical care from South Korean physicians and had undergone therapy but proved to be not as effective as her treatment in the United States. Any guess at his net worth is just that. No need to bash the other person.

CL is speculated to have dated British model Ash Stymest

He can absolutely date whomever he wants to and it should be fine with his fans. Have you ever heard of magic mike. Do you know her personally? No one is troubling you personally with their hidden relationship. Because morons like him lack the ability to use common sense.

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I ll talk about dramas if I want to

2NE1 CL and Non-Celebrity Man s Dating Rumors Kpopmap

Jealousy is a very bad trait to have hun. She is one of the most popular member in her group. How pathetic of you to use a song to degrade her.

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She was already traveling to different parts of the world to promote her movies and shows before she decided to go back to Korea to accompany her mother and siblings and try her luck in Korean Ent. Are all kpop girl idols lap dancing? Seems like she barely has time to breathe.

K-POP Scandal 2017

Rumors of the most widely attended supplier connections to the entertainment and sandara park from dating. Do all idols touch the fans legs to get them aroused. As past dating reveals have shown, the heart wants what the heart wants regardless of fan shipping.

  • It's not just them it's all groups, male and female.
  • Dara is a badgirl who likes to lapdance on fanboys.
  • If they wanted to date, they'd make time for it, busy schedules be damned.
  • Thirsty for those likes, huh?

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Snsd seohyun are dating onehallyu who share your zest for life? Chanyeol is gonna be pumped that people think he's dating Dara. It boggles my mind that dating news is this big every time.

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Fans who leave a group because of a scandal or because of them dating shouldn't be considered fans at all. But let's not forgot the stupid troll who obviously posted this here to start shit. Even though i'm not too up about it?

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2NE1 CL and Non-Celebrity Man s Dating Rumors

The Full Story Behind The Most Shocking K-Pop Scandals You Must to Know
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