Actia multi-diag iv-2019 multilingual dating

Actia multi-diag iv-2019 multilingual dating

On-board systems for commercial, industrial, construction, agricultural and military vehicles. Numerous accessories and options are available depending on your workshop's needs. This head start benefits the Multi-Diag range.

Configuration and use can also beThe economic solution to

Electronic diagnostics and garage equipment for repairing and testing vehicles. This freedom of movement and the high portability of each piece of equipment also allows for faster repair.

The biggest multi-make networks such as Feu Vert, Euromaster and Midas have chosen Multi-Diag for their maintenance and repair operations. Multi-Diag contributes to workshop profitability. Lastly, the screen resolution and brightness improve information visibility throughout the repair operations.

Configuration and use can also be customised. The economic solution to become a Diag Pro. At the cutting edge of new standards Vehicle maintenance and repair processes comply with increasingly strict standards.