Love that his name is Thaddeus

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Nora would later kill Charles and herself over his crime and what it had forced her to do. The ransom contained gold certificates as gold certificates were about to be withdrawn from circulation and would raise suspicion when used. Nora rescued him and told him it would disappear if he closed his eyes and told it to go away, which began her motherly relationship with Tate. Nora saved him and taught him how to make entities in the house disappear in case it ever happened again.

There is a theory that Elizabethafter having gone to Dr. Thaddeus Montgomery The man took the money and said that the baby was in the care of two women. Montgomery in jars, he lost his mind and attempted to sew his son back together, bringing Thaddeus back to life. Condon met with Charles Lindbergh to authenticate the suit and when confirming that it was his son's suit they arranged a meeting to deliver the ransom. Love that his name is Thaddeus.

It is possible

When Nora tried to nurse the reanimated Thaddeus, it bit her to quench its blood thirst.

The man took the ransom money and never contacted Condon or Lindbergh again. This would not only explain why the Infantata is a reanimated being opposed to a ghost, but would also explain why it possesses an unquenchable thirst for blood. She then, realizing the truth of what her son had become, tried to kill it with a letter opener, but claimed that it wouldn't die. After the pieces were returned to Dr. There he found the badly decomposing body of Charles Lindbergh Jr.

It is possible that March, being a serial killer, is responsible for disfiguring Thaddeus. Condon doubted the man's story and asked him to give him proof in the form of the baby's sleeping suit. Left by himself in the house.

Condon doubted the man's story and