Annie got on her knees

Finnick is happy when heHowever Katniss doesn't

However, Katniss doesn't break his gaze and simply says she is an open book. Later Katniss destroyed the arena. Finnick is happy when he hears her condition for immunity of victors being held because of his love, Annie.

He took guard

As an Aussie beach babe who seems to be for ever frolicking in the surf in bikinis, Elle will have accelerated the baggy knee process through years of sun exposure.

Later Katniss destroyed

He took guard duty for the rest of the night and collected fresh tree-water and shellfish from the sea. Johanna later told Katniss that Mags was half of his family.

She was unsure of how to react, but accepted his offer after she noticed his golden bracelet that she knew came from Haymitch. Despite a stunning figure and glossy locks, Elle looked like she'd used a Brillo pad as an exfoliator.

Johanna later told Katniss that Mags