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Added Testimonials section to the About page. When sepia copies are used, the reproduction of the sepia often is not as clear as a normal blue-line print.

Tweaked the code for the Entity List utility. The maps may be used for a variety of disciplines, including, but not limited to the oil and gas exploration and pipeline management industries. Added program to allow the user to dynamically align a selection of objects to a selected curve. The new version has been entirely restructured and now provides dedicated functions to allow the user to bypass the main program dialog if desired. Other general bug fixes are noted in the program code header.

The Program Description has also been predominantly rewritten to document all of the new program functionality. Read the testimonials of those who have worked with me and my programs.

The functions now provide support for bit systems, and the example programs will now process objects on locked layers. Lottery Numbers is a relatively simple novelty program generating a sequence of random numbers in the form of lottery balls in the drawing. This fixes a bug concerning a null variable when an Annotative Text Style is set and the Object type is set to use an Attributed Block.

This new version will offer the user the option to erase the set of objects in the original selection. That being said, it is quite amazing that Mr. Added set of Base Conversion functions to demonstrate methods of converting a number between numeral systems using different bases or radixes. Field Arithmetic allows the user to perform arithmetic operations on selected text or field expressions, with the result of the calculation represented using a field expression. The updated program also offers the ability to add a wildcard pattern to the list of layers in order to group a set of layers matching the pattern.

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The best way to contact us is via e-mail. This function will return the parameters of the unique ellipse passing through five supplied points, if such an ellipse exists.

This method can be time consuming, as the shop drawing is not approved until the corrections are made on it. This minor refinement to the code improves the efficiency of the function when supplied with linetypes which are already defined in the active drawing and when the redefine argument is nil. Groups, nfs underground 3 full version Drawing Properties and Custom Properties have all been added to the list of collections from which the user can steal items. This update implements several new features in addition to remedying a couple of minor bugs present in the previous versions.

Gain a rich experience in working with map data Plot your own information onto the map, like shot points, receiver points, and additional wells Work with the elements in their spatial context. New Field Formatting Code program added to the site. This program enables the user to generate one or more closed polylines or regions representing a silhouette or outline of all objects in a selection. Following the recent update of my Copy or Rename Block Reference program as noted above, my Copy Block Definition function has also been rewritten and similarly improved.

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Payment Options and Terms. The published version has a professional application installer and comes complete with a custom ribbon panel from which to launch the application. This version includes a fix for a minor bug relating to incorrect processing of the ending width of the final polyline segment.

Other settings may be more suitable for various screen resolutions. This reference includes information gathered over the years from various sources, including information on undocumented ssget functionality and several examples to demonstrate function usage. This program offers two commands to allow the user to make a selection of one or more objects, then proceed to construct the unique minimum enclosing circle containing all objects in the selection. The function will print a supplied list to the command-line or file, with nested lists displayed in a hierarchical format so that the list structure is revealed. Shop drawings are produced by contractors and suppliers under their contract with the owner.

Attributed anonymous block references are now included by default when a custom block filter is used, to enable full compatibility with dynamic blocks. Added Polygon Centroid function to the Subfunction Library.

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Contact the webmaster at scott midtexmapping. Home Programs Tutorials Contact About. Some formats do not allow embedded attribute information, or will not allow it to be utilized by the target application, while others will.

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Added set of List Box Functions to the subfunction library. Since flat-grid systems work in a localized area only, it is necessary to further determine which area that you are working in. Limited Length Polyline allows the user to dynamically construct a straight-segmented polyline whose overall length may optionally be limited to a given value. This update fixes some scripting issues reported in the last version and splits the main dialog into two separate screens to account for those users without access to a widescreen resolution.

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This page also demonstrates an alternative method in which to generate the Sierpinski Triangle by recursively applying one of three randomly selected transformations to a given point. Star allows the user to create a customised star shape, constructed dynamically using a polyline object. Some fabricators and manufacturers will provide symbols, data, or instructions concerning installation. The Apostrophe and the Quote Function. Amongst other general updates to the program code, this version fixes a bug causing the program to crash for versions in which some collections are not available.

The objects are then dynamically aligned to the curve in real-time, whilst the user may refine the alignment using additional controls offered at the command-line. Added Dynamic Block Counter program to the site. Below are some factors that may play into your decision, if you are not sure. The Convex Hull is the set of points describing the minimum convex polygon enclosing all points in a given set. The program also now enables the user to manipulate the background mask for dimensions.

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