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You started singing when militancy was strengthening its roots in the region. At present Pashto language music is the most popular across the country and even singers from Punjab are coming to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and they sing songs. Do you think, still artists are not given due respect by the society?

Bangri De Shrangawa - Pashto Song. Da Stargo Thora - Pashto Song. For destruction of Pashto literature and music, they were negatively propagated, but instead of this, these are being nourished with the span of time. The biggest characteristic of Pashto songs is that if we have modernized it from all levels, yet classic and traditional music find its space among the people and they are equally popular. His some songs are completely Folk and Sufi, which are popular among both males and females.

How was the last decade, in terms of growth of music? Haroon Bacha - Abaseen Chapee Wahena. Pukhtana Zalmi - Gulzar Alam.

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But honestly, I love all of this change occurred in the initial years of this century in our music. Gulnar Begum has converted most of my poems into songs, similarly Kishore sultan, Mashooq Sultan, Khial Muhammad and other great singers have sung my poems and they have been quite successful. You were supposed to take money from the real borrower rather to detain a person who belongs to his village.

Farman Mashoom - Aada Kawa Aada. Unfortunately Music piracy is having a great serious effect on the music industry, government was supposed to stop it, but it fails. In case I focused on singing only, I would have better singer than this.

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Our artists also cashed the situation and in this way Pashto music got promoted. You know some things make me angry. Apart from this, I was also involved in farming as a source of earning. Books by Language permanentlegacy uslprototype.

Wednesday February 8 2012

Bakhtiar khattak songs

Before insurgency we have to narrate poems of spring, love, affection, unity and happiness etc. Ok tell me, what do you know?

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Old songs were based on meaningful poetry. Identifier SabawoonNomawaryPokhtana. One thing keep in your mind that we will not accept any kind of change. When an artist works sincerely and serves his profession, he gets more respect and popularity in the society than educated ones. Please sit in this charpoy.

So do you think, I am a cruel person? What problems did you face in initial days of your career? His sin was that he is the villager of Jahangir Borrower.

In tenth class I started playing harmonium and then after two years, I bought my own harmonium on Rs. It will give your song an opportunity to fit in time. Peshawar is the richest cities in the world for Pashto music, if someone wants to serve Pashto music, then he will have to come to this city. Yes, when I knew about this new law, I was also surprised. Jan Zada, let him go, suppose any of his family member report in police station, then you will have to go to jail.

Sta Talabgar Yama - Pashto Song. Under new law, it is not possible to arrest any innocent without any reason. Afghan war forces many singers to migrate to Peshawar, who were picked by different companies for singing. The city has long list of intellectuals, poets and lyricists, whose work and contribution is enough to keep our music alive for next many centuries.

We will never accept such kind of law Says in nervousness. Peghla Pukhtana Yem - Farzana Naaz.

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Halak Nary Chinar - Bakhtiar Khattak. Dear Bakhtiar Khattak, fandry song would you like to give a brief account of yourself?

Why a university boy listens to Hindi song, because it suits his mode. You talk about jail whole day like you spent many years there. Pashto Old Song Khan Qarabaghai ma pa sor salo gul wahali da. What does singing mean to you? Writer Laik Zada Laik said in his column that to was the golden era in the history of Pashto language music and it was equally popular among all classes of the society including elite.

My family was not happy with me for joining showbiz and they declared social boycott with me, stopping all kind of support and assistance with me. Owr Lare Chishman - Ghazal Anjum. Traffic Feedjit Live Blog Stats. There were no restrictions on me on part of the family to sing or dance in family gatherings, weddings and other functions etc. Dera Badnama Shom - Ghazal Anjum.

Dil Dil Pakistan Pashto Audio Song

Nowadays through internet songs and movies are downloaded that has generally given a loss to the artist and the industry. Armani - Nazai Iqbal Pashto Tapay. His villager is my borrower since two years. My elders have a small firm of building construction, so I was associated with it initially, but as I was interested in singing, thus I have to shift Peshawar.

When I was in jail, so my friend Zameen Babu was also with me in lock up. Though Pashto music is also very popular throughout the Pakistan and is an emerging industry due to having inspiration from bollywood and western style of music. Poetry is the most important part of music and fortunately it has flourished immensely in the Pakhtun region for last several years.

Karara Rasha - Pashto Song. Like general public, poets and writers too expressed their feelings and emotions regarding prevailing situation through their poetry. Our singers and musicians can easily copy modern music, but when it comes to creative work, then we again start using old-time tones and lyrics. New poets of the generation are also amazing, they may be doing different businesses like farming, but their work is quite wonderful. Sensible and mature Pakhtuns would be embarrassed by the use of words in our Pashto songs like Khudkush Dhamaka suicide bomber and patasa etc.

What is the most important component of music? For us old laws and rituals are good and we do not want any kind of change in them. For the first time I recorded eight songs in Urdu.

Wednesday February 8 2012