Wade would be a wise decision

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Bush and Hager are fraternal twins

Instead, she opted to rest in hopes of feeling better the next morning so she could attend a party she knew he was supposed to attend. Unlike her famously pro-life father and grandfather, Bush has taken a pro-choice position, serving as the keynote speaker for the Texas chapter of Planned Parenthood in March.

Bush, who now lives in New York, has focused on health care advocacy. Getty The days when the Bush daughters were known for their underage drinking citations are long gone.

Hager is now a

They were holding hands, but got camera shy when photographers tried to get them to pose together, according to our spies. When she returned to the U. So when she got back to Yale for her senior year, she took health classes. Barbara Bush has done a good job of keeping her personal life out of the headlines, despite coming from such a high profile family. Wade would be a wise decision.

Bush and Hager are fraternal twins, with Bush being born a few minutes before her sister. Hager is now a mother of two and frequently on the Today Show. Oddly, ever since Clinton defeated the elder George Bush in the election, the two families have been on friendly terms, to the point where George W. Instead, she thought at first that Kyle had been reached in time and was in the hospital. Over the summer, Bush contracted mononucleosis and spent the summer quarantined in her room and away from Kyle.