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Life is not a chemistry test. Being a slacker which, it should be reiterated, is loosely defined given how relentlessly Pavement toured never sounded prettier than this. Pavement sounded so beautiful.

Being a slacker which it shouldLife is not a chemistry

Nearly a year later, I was sitting in my kitchen with headphones on, eager to hear something new. Malkmus goofs around with every word that leaves his mouth, splicing the melancholic verses with a chorus that grows giddier every time.

Progress is predictable and predictability involves science. Growing up, I managed to never listen to Pavement. Frontwards begins as a simple fuzzed-out chug, then broadens out to capture suburbia and isolation over a fractured melody. Most times I would only listen to the first five or six songs. That seems like a lot of time to commit to an album.

Range Life And here we have the alt-country-folk diss track. Shimmering guitars propel the song along, the lightness of their touch helping it glide along as Malkmus talks of secrets and wasted words. If you could sonically capture the nostalgia of a happy, hazy summer day and press it on to vinyl, it would be this. It was so dutifully told, it seemed a genuine fan letter.