The Black team wins the Challenge

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Any contestant to fall off the beam would have to start over. After the challenge Bernie announces to the Black Team that he has an immunity to give to anyone except himself. It was not necessary to count Dan's vote, since a majority was reached.

It is later revealed at the weigh-in that the Black Team chooses Jay on the Blue Team to also receive immunity. At weigh in the next day it is revealed what Dan and Roger had lost.

They say it went against their core values and that they could have handled it better. As people are voted out, the light for their name is extinguished. This helped contestants to lose weight in a healthier and safer way than some previous exercise routines on earlier seasons.

Contact with the bar will

She quickly turns around, though, and walks back to her team. Although the show depicts the weigh-in in an evening setting, the actual weight measurement occurs off-camera in a morning session and the contestants are not told of the results at that time. It is up to them to stick to their diets and continue their workouts on their own. The Yellow team won the challenge, with Paul taking eleven of the twelve trips across the pool.

However this vote did

However, this vote did not send the Yellow team home, but instead it changed the rules. Contact with the bar will cause it to break and eliminate the contestant. However, the contestants are individually responsible for implementing the principles taught. Later, the trainers are also informed about the contestants going home this week. Each member of the winning team will receive an all-expenses paid trip for two to Puerto Rico.

The winning team will win a prize that benefits the team just before the upcoming weigh-in for example, a two-pound weight advantage for the team. The yellow line now increases up to half of the slots depending on how many contestants there are at the ranch. Alison begins a ten-second countdown to the end of the challenge. Kelly did not agree with him, saying that they were a team and had to work together with the others and that he may be Yellow, but she is Black.

Each person is faced with a welcome home celebration with all their families and friends. The last person to keep from dropping into the water would win a week at a fitness resort in St.

However the contestants are