Blackberry gmail contacts not updating

Blackberry gmail contacts not updating

With Synchronization Settings open

If not, go to Setup and then Email Settings to see if you can setup your Gmail account. The first thing you want to do is make sure you have the right software on your BlackBerry smartphone. Once set up, you get one up-to-date personal email account, one contact list, and one calendar accessible from virtually any web-connected location and device. New or updated events aren't appearing in my calendar You might need to refresh your calendars.

The next step is to confirm

On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen. Check that the Sync Calendar switch is turned on.

Contacts will synchronize about every four hours, and Calendar appointments will synchronize about every thirty minutes. If the calendar is saved on your computer in Microsoft Outlook or Apple iCal, try using BlackBerry Link to sync the calendar info on your computer with your BlackBerry device. Issue with viewing a desired calendar, for example Gmail. Your BlackBerry smartphone with an active data plan. Duplicate contacts were listed and then a consolidation was performed, verify that the consolidation settings are set correctly.

For more information, see the BlackBerry Link help. When you add a new appointment to your BlackBerry calendar, it will automatically appear on your home computer when you access Google Calendar from the web.

With Synchronization Settings open, you will see checkboxes for Calendar and Contacts. The next step is to confirm you have a data plan. If you do not have your Gmail account set up, then you can add it by pressing the Set up another email account button. If your calendar still isn't in sync, try removing and re-adding the account that the calendar is associated with. Wait a few minutes and then attempt to synchronize again.

Your emails, contacts, and calendar will start to synchronize. Unlock the BlackBerry Balance feature in order to view any contacts associated with the work space.

For more information, see How to set up Outlook to wirelessly synchronize your contacts and calendar English only. Scroll down and expand Synchronization Options. Synchronization must be configured through email settings on the BlackBerry smartphone. Add a new contact from your work computer through your Gmail address book, and it will automatically appear in your BlackBerry contacts list. You will then be prompted to confirm your password, and the activation process will start.