Maybe your guy's the same

Bringing up exclusivity talk dating

It is good to keep that in mind. If his answer aligns with what you want, then, just relax and enjoy a few more weeks of getting-to-know-you time. Bring it up when it's a still a relatively small thing, not some big horrible huge thing that requires The Commitment Talk.

Figure out what you want then

Figure out what you want, then ask for it. No book can cover how every single human wants to date. We all fail at it sometimes, but when I stick to it, it is unbelievably freeing. Guessing what one another are thinking all the time is miserable. It's also okay if he doesn't want the same thing.

No book can

In the other case, it hurts, but it also resolves things in a way that's very much needed. They want to be the ones to ask because it's a masculine energy to move things along, it's a bit of an aggressive energy in my opinion. After he brought me home from the date, I wondered what the next time would be like.

It can mean you're exclusively dating each other. Emphasize that there's no pressure for him to declare exclusivity, but just set that boundary and stick to it assuming that is a boundary you want. Work on this before you start worrying about having a big talk about commitment. For that reason alone, I would think it is time to talk. Maybe you are, but it just does not come across.