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Five months later, Smith joined the Giants as a free agent. Smith then jumped into the stands at Candlestick Park and started punching him. The Dodgers have done their best to return the favor, however. The group's feud over cleanliness eventually escalates into heated arguments, and violence on J.

Although the two teams were natural geographically proximate and National League rivals anyway, the animus between the two teams runs deeper than mere competitiveness. Ryan's drinking causes concern for the others when they enjoy a night out together. Ryan begins preparations for his tour of duty, as do his housemates, who give him a journal to maintain in Iraq.

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On Election Night, Ryan, J. Suhr told the San Francisco Chronicle earlier that the victim of the attack was a Dodgers fan and was wearing Dodgers gear. The Dodgers went into the second game of a doubleheader with the Phillies ahead of the Giants by one game.

Kat comes out to Devyn, but is still ambivalent about doing so with Ryan, who wonders why she has not done so yet, and decides to pursue the matter more directly. San Francisco prosecutors ultimately declined to file charges in connection with the case. In his first at bat against Marichal since the incident, Roseboro hit a three-run home run. Ryan and a war buddy march in the Veterans Day Parade, and discuss a fallen comrade.

In both seasons, though, the Giants won one of the Wild Card spots. After the game, Alverez and the other man, a Dodger fan, began quarreling in the stadium parking lot. Alvarez stabbed the year-old victim several times in the arm, back, and torso. The remaining amount is to be split between Sanchez and Norwood. Ryan is crushed to learn he's being recalled to active duty.

Ryan's girlfriend Belle comes for a visit, causing Ryan to consider the unwelcome possibility of being recalled to Iraq. All of these events and their associated quirks and symbols are relished by the fans of these two teams.

In both New York and in California, all of one team's world championships preceded the other's first one in that region to date. It is revealed that Ryan and Belle broke up, and that he and Baya are in a relationship.