Each speaker has two terminals

Can i hook up powered speakers to a receiver

Place your speakers where

The number of cables you have will depend on the number of speakers you have. Each speaker has two terminals. Read the steps listed below and learn about how to connect audio speakers to a receiver. Turn off the power to all the equipment you're working with. Examine your electronics to see what types of cables are compatible with your models.

Then go ahead and sell them and get some better speakers and use your Denon. When you have mastered home audio, you realize what you were missing before. Start by inputting the two-pronged plugs into the corresponding terminals in the back of the speaker.

The colors on the ends of the plugs will correspond to the terminals they connect to. Place your speakers where you think you'd like to have them in the room. The colored plug goes into the colored terminal and the black plug goes into the black terminal.

It's important to do this before connecting the speakers to the receiver, because the distance between the speakers and the receiver will determine what gauge cable you'll use. Connect each of the speakers to the receiver using the cables.

The colors on the

It's important to do this before connecting the cables. They still sound pretty good, the only problem being the scratching sound when changing the volume on the control pod, which I gather is a common problem with this unit. On my most recent build I decided to skip the sound card and just hooked them to my motherboard's onboard audio Realtek Azalia I believe. If you're getting a scratching sound from the volume pot, go get yourself a can of red deoxit and clean the pot, should clear the problem right up.