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Carole I loved the easy uninhibited way you told your story and I think many women will want to read your book out of curiosity but will be surprised that there is quite a bit going on in the story. Carole has written a very honest book and is not afraid to make herself sound dreadful and believe me, film after streaming raphael personnaz dating she does come across awfully in places! Her friend suggested she give internet dating a go as the chance of meeting someone suitable where she lived in the Blue Mountains was virtually nil.

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He was caring, decent, and interested in a relationship. Not many mature-age men, it turns out, look like George Clooney. She now lives in the Blue Mountains and spends time on her writing interests and sculpture. Matthew, the smoothie she fell for, was a two-timing cad who broke her heart. However, she's an interesting personality and it is certainly admirab This was certainly compelling reading.

Though she voices concern for her health, there is no mention she got herself tested. She travels extensively and has a love of Paris and most of Italy. Are you going to come home with me? She lives a very active life and now lives in the Australian Blue Mountains km west of Sydney. In chapter eight about the track work I laughed so much that I was crying and there were a few other b I'll begin by saying that I finished the book in a couple of nights which is a record for me!

But are too many older women hanging out for a George Clooney? That to me is so boring, I can't blame her for not wanting to hang around the oldie women! She created a greeting card business, Carocino Cards, gaining distribution here and overseas. She works primarily in timber and found objects and her sculpture works are assemblies mostly in antique japanese boxes. Did she put him at risk too?

In her first book was published. On the other hand, if I had a guy put my hand under the table in a cafe, I probably wouldn't have taken it too well, either.

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She recently undertook some professional training in Paris for Bread and Pastry and now bakes at weekends for herself and her family. And she despises talk about ailments.

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The following week he was in her bed and she was besotted. One of her most recent interests is in Bread Making and she has done extensive research into many methods. Highly recommend for anyone who's had a bad blind date or just wants an interesting account of an older woman's life, one who doesn't mince words, and calls it like she sees it. The search for love and meaningful sex, for a partner with zing, can be more fraught the second or third time around. Just about every man out there seems to be a creep, a scammer, a liar or dull.

Using her creative talents as a way of escaping the factory, by her mid teens she was working in the art department of David Jones Newcastle as a lettering artist. This is really well written. Overall, very entertaining book. Retirement has never suited her. And she sleeps with another guy further down the track.

Coming of Age is updated every Monday. In chapter eight about the track work I laughed so much that I was crying and there were a few other bits you told in the story which also made me laugh out loud. She decided in to leave her urban lifestyle in North Sydney for a more tranquil environment so she could concentrate on her writing and her love of sculpture.