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Their program also included exciting lifts, in which Castelli transitioned into impressive horizontal splits as the pair traveled almost the full length of the arena. It was just something to do. Being there and working hard together has brought us to be better friends. With the Olympics over there, this has to be extra big for you.

Aaron won gold, his first senior medal, Miner took silver, Abbott the bronze. With time, Castelli and Tran forging new road twofortheice. Castelli, Tran choose music U. It hurt like hell and there was blood everywhere, but, you know, I got it fixed an hour later. We were still committed to each other, but we had to reevaluate ourselves and our skating.

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Definitely our triple twist. Peter, who will announce the members of the U.

Castelli, dressed in a sparkly black dress, did a double toe loop, instead of a triple, on their side-by-side jumps, then fell on the throw quad salchow. That pretty much sums it up. Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White set two ice dancing world records in capturing their first Olympic gold medal.

Championships, which she and Shnapir nevertheless won for their first national title. But the skaters had to wait to see if their score would hold up against Zhang and Bartholomay, who had not yet competed. We both like to have our way.

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Max Aaron placed first in the skate, Miner was second. It comes down to those four minutes, but it actually comes down to the whole last year.

Digital access or digital and print delivery. Like in a marriage, people fight all the time over stupid stuff, we fight all the time over stupid stuff. Defending champion Ashley Wagner was first in the short program, followed by Agnes Zawadzki.

Initially, the state did not have a name and wasnt recognized by neighboring countries for five months. Ice Network's Creating the Program series is following Marissa and Mervin through the process of creating their long program for the season.

It was, bythe third largest producer of petroleum due to new discoveries in the Volga-Urals region and Siberia, trailing only the United States and Saudi Arabia. We just have to skate our heart out, and we have to give it our all and just be aggressive and be emotional and really sell the program, perform the program. But generally, we can come back together and make it work.