His real identity is unknown

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Castle went to Tyson's cellmate, Marcus Gates, for the location of Tyson's safehouse. Although Castle walks away from the experience thinking his father was only using him and does not really care for him, his dad was later seen watching him and Martha. Beckett discovers that the proceeds from the drug ring are being laundered through the Future Fund, a political fundraiser collecting money to support Bracken's Presidential bid. Castle, however, believes that Tyson orchestrated the encounter to stage his own death in front of Beckett, whose account of events will be used to lend credibility to the belief that Tyson is dead.

She often helps Beckett's team by accessing and assessing the data on computers belonging to suspects and victims. As the series progresses, Tyson refines his methods by studying the police response and adapting accordingly. In the two-parter of season three, Kate tells Castle that she does not like the huge distance between Josh and her.

Hunt becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a hacker he enlisted to assist him, manipulating the crime scene to draw Beckett's attention so that he can lead her to Gemini. This allowed Bracken to distance himself from the crime and continue with his political ambitions. At first he found a consultant working for Bracken who could prove that Bracken's campaign funding in his bid for president was corrupt, but his contact was killed off before that could happen.

These files had the potential to be very damaging to Montgomery's killers, and Smith used the files as leverage against them. Castle shoots Tyson, who falls into the water below.

They are able to use his phone to find Beckett, who had killed Nieman and escaped. Tyson considers himself to be an artist, and is easily angered by people who interfere with his plans.

It turns out Beckett had the evidence she needed all along to arrest Bracken as Johanna had hidden it in her elephant figurines which Beckett kept on her desk. Disney has turned Miley into one of the richest entertainers in the world after she won a role in its television series Hannah Montana. His real identity is unknown. Sidney Perlmutter Arye Gross is a medical examiner, rotating the role with Lanie although Lanie is more regularly featured. Montgomery then kills Lockwood, sacrificing himself in order to do so.

As the series progresses

He is believed to have saved Montgomery's life, which convinces Montgomery that Smith is trustworthy. He begins emergency surgery and operates on her until another doctor can take over for him and violently confronts Castle in the hospital waiting room, blaming him for Kate's injuries. Castle and Demming often had a rivalry and tried to outdo each other for Beckett's attention. Under the alias Jackson Hunt, he enlists Castle's help to save Alexis before disappearing, but leaves a copy of Casino Royale as a calling card to inform Castle that he is alive.

His exact relationship to Montgomery remains unknown, and there has been no explanation of how he came to be in a position to stop the conspiracy from harming Beckett. Bracken gets wind of this, and hires another assassin, Hal Lockwood, to kill him.

She often helps Beckett's team

Smith then departed their company, warning them not to contact him again. Now knowing the name of the man who had her mother killed, Beckett approaches Bracken at a political fundraiser and convinces him to leave her alone, or else his secrets will become public. However, he had laid a booby trap on the files that kills Maddox though Beckett is able to reconstruct them enough to learn the identity of Bracken. After they arrest the aide, Smith sends him legal counsel, effectively stopping the investigation.