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Usually egged on by his much smaller, troublemaking friend. She is then told that rules of magic forbid wizards and witches to use their powers to create original-branded products. But they soon descend into the surreal when, despite his enormous wealth and fame, John embarks on a small-scale con to make trivial amounts of cash. His gaseous emissions have been known to destroy houses and other hard-surfaced articles, as well as injure people. And a poorly-made one, even by rat hat standards.

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An early episode ends with a spoofed memorial to Tristan's original voice, which had spontaneously changed with everyone but Tristan noticing. The Bruce Lee Story was also dedicated to Brandon Lee, who died a few months prior to this film's release. This strip created controversy in the media, including complaints from the families of some of Shipman's victims. Generally subverted in White Collar since Neal is a great forger and he goes to great lengths to make sure that his forgeries are not shoddy and can easily pass off as the real thing.

The name of the chapter as listed on Fanfiction. Oddly enough, the August issue of Popular Science featured an article on the various shameless ripoffs from China. Manufacturers in the Draconis Combine was also infamous for this when the Inner Sphere began to produce OmniMechs of their own. Lucky Star After Story has two examples so far. He eventually discovers that he was tricked into buying a Shoddy Knockoff.

They were skeptical about it costing only a million yen. Both actually died before completing their work for the movie, and sound-alike Jeff Bergman filled in their remaining lines.

While both tropes are about poorly made substitutes, that trope is with the genuine hope of making up for the thing being substituted. Pontius Pilate has him crucified due to envy since Pilate only has a girl's bike.

However, his inventions invariably cause far more problems of their own. Superman Returns was dedicated to Christopher and Dana Reeve. When Jimmy came by with the mark, he'd convince them to steal Marco's wallet.

This results in a Brick Joke when, in The Tag of the episode, Jimmy is watching a home shopping channel and they are actually selling a Leopard Diamond. They discuss one man's recent trip to Barbados as the tornado sucks the other man away at the last minute.

When Sharona dismisses it as junk, he insists that it can give him the time in multiple time zones. When a cop points it out, he says it was a cheap Fauxlex piece of shit he got off the street. But it might be the best thing you see tonight. The fanfic revolves around SpongeBob coming to terms with Mermaid Man's death.

Like Altman, Demme is one of Anderson's biggest influences. Roger in FoxTrot frequently gets nailed by this. Miracle Star is an infamous Chinese bootleg of The Amazing World of Gumball made to sell a brand of goat's milk hence why the show's Watterson family equivalent is a family of goats.

When Sharona dismisses it as