Chasing A Mirage

However, I am getting ahead of myself. Clarifies so many fallacies about Islam and confirms that Islam as practiced today is tribalism of Saudi and not the Islam of Prophet.

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You have a deep sense of urgency to acquire a certain thing with the expectation that it will quench your desire and make you happy. Fatah does make a preposterous claim here that the Hamas were tacitly egged on by Israel, so that a genuine political movement could be made to look bad in the eyes of the world.

In all cases, these politicians use and abuse Islam to gain power and stay in power. At times, this has resulted in genocidal or near-genocidal atrocities, both against non-Muslims and even other Muslims. Great research, evidence, and logic based analysis. Muslims could never cross this line again. Religious minorities are not given equal status anywhere.

And as an added bonus, I promise that even if you don't wear a hijab, I will somehow manage to refrain from stoning you on suspicion of adultery. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Then he delves into the history of Islam and examines past countries that Islamists want to use a templates for a the Islamic state. In a frank assessment of history and culture of different muslim communities, Tarek untangles and delineates political compulsions from theology. They all seem to be sponsored by Saudi Arabia.

Chasing a Mirage is divided into three parts. When we finally acquire it, we are disappointed because it was a mirage, it looked like something but turned out to be the opposite, or perhaps it did not meet our expectations. As for those who disbelieve, their deeds are like a mirage in a desert. Ring Smart Home Security Systems.

Chasing a mirage

Also imagine the tremendous hue and cry such an incident will cause among human rights groups! Saudi ArabiaSponsor of Islamic States. They have been particularly responsible for the export of militant Islam in the form of Wahhabism. Each day you wake up and strive to achieve a level of happiness. He also talks of a future Islamic state that is likely to be established in the form of Palestine.

Canada needs a healthy, reasoned debate about the issues he is raising, and indeed so does the world. What keeps Fatah from being considered a complete apostate is that he still holds fast to the catchecism of Mohammed's infallibility and the perfection of his example. Civil rights groups began protests but the Islamists kept mum. In most of the book the premises, arguments and conclusions are well done, and one must certainly respect both his love and knowledge of history.

Fatah then continues with his narrative on the Umayyad dynasty in Syria followed by the Abbasids in Iraq. Obviously, trying to build a golden future just by replicating the beliefs and practices of the distant past is not going to work. Fully recommended for everybody, brace yourselves.

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Chasing a Mirage The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State

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Fatah spares us no detail as he recounts Pakistan's bloody history. Because that's what matters.

What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? What is it about your current situation that you are unhappy about? Makes a very good argument using critical reasoning that a political Islam is not called out in the Koran. Only an Arab Syed of Iran can rule as it's supreme leader. This is a clearly written book.

Chasing a Mirage The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State by Tarek Fatah

The heart of Fatah's argument is a plea for separation of Mosque and State. There is often a hype, or we have an unrealistic expectation of the thing we wish to acquire. Nothing fills his mouth except dust, and Allah will forgive whoever repents to him.

Unfortunately this was written in and there has been zero successful reform at any local, national, international level. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Born in Pakistan, Fatah was a left-wing student leader in the late s, during which time he was twice imprisoned by successive military dictatorships.

From his vitriolic rejection of the former I feared a rejection of the latter as well. Is it money, relationships, status, or a particular accomplishment?

Sectarian and familial jealousy overruled the early caliphate. He also talks of the spread of Islam into Europe across the Strait of Gibraltar, with Spain being the first port of call. Fatah also looks at Palestine, which he feels is in danger of being hijacked by extremists in an ill-advised attempt to turn it into an Islamic state. As horrible as the human rights abuses perpetrated in the name of Islam are, I am even more troubled by this subversion and rejection of democracy.

These are aspects of Islam of today which would definitely make Muhammad turn in his grave. Admissions of a Muslim Imam. Add both to Cart Add both to List. However, immediately after obtaining what you wanted you find yourself disappointed and perhaps even thirstier. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

It is like chasing a mirage. Chasing a Mirage is full of solutions, alternatives, doc to ppt converter full version and hope.

Then we move on looking to quench our thirst in the next new item and the cycle never ends because there will always be more that needs to be acquired. It behoves us to understand this and reject the attitudes of Islamists, who eagerly label as apostates any Muslim who disagrees with them.

If one lives their life searching for happiness in a newer car, bigger house, most recent technology, or better social status, that will never find true happiness. He did pointed out problems of Muslim societies, but he put all the blame on religious people. It is the same belief that divided the Muslims of India and led to creation of Pakistan, an Islamic state.