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It is this period that is most widely represented here, since he donated to the foundation the works that were in his studio when it was set up. The whole of her work in sculpture can actually be summed up by the title Story of a Tree. Rezultat je niz filmu podobnih trenutkov v resnobni notranjosti, ki je videti, kot bi ostala nespremenjena od petdesetih let naprej.

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Once he had reconciled himself to the fact that he draws flowers and that this was the subject that had chosen him, he discovered himself. Od tam ni videti meja in delujejo skrajno nenaravno.

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His discovery of Spain constituted a major event in his work, caught between the land, sea and sky. Since her memorable appearance in Ljubljana three years ago, Mariza has released a new album Terra Tanya Tagaq and appeared in the world's most prestigious concert venues. Prav to obdobje je v zbirki najbolj zastopano, saj je umetnik Fundaciji podaril dela, ki jih je imel ob njeni ustanovitvi v svojem ateljeju. Janez Vlachy Astronaut Sunita L.

Her most recent album features collaborations with Mike Patton. How long does the preparation take, and what are your feelings before a space flight? Umetnik je razstavo v celoti pripravil sam. The cut flowers in his works breathe, live and move. Na povabilo organizatorjev slovenskega festivala znanosti z naslovom Od podzemlja do zvezd je obiskala Slovenijo.

That his works contain a heartfelt and emotionally charged Eastern European form of reflection is something that he has known all along. The result is a series of filmlike moments in a sober interior that seems unchanged since the s. Mendelson je vedno iskal prefinjeno bistvo. His paintings are bought by prestigious American galleries and many of his works hang in private collections.

Many exhibits are links to famous men and women, and to towns, villages and castles in various parts of the country. From that time on I worked to become an astronaut. The exhibition was entirely created by him.

Her work can be divided into three broad areas of equal importance. Takrat sem tudi obiskala vesoljski center Johnson v Houstonu in izvedela, da so nekatere operacije pristanka na Luni precej podobne pilotiranju helikopterja. The month of April will see a varied series of cultural events at the Museum of Too Modern Art open to the public every day of the week except Mondays and Tuesdays.

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Oba pevca bo spremljal naelektreni bretonski bend Badume. The two singers will be accompanied by Badume's Band from Brittany. Over the course of her artistic development she has also occasionally worked in cement, plaster, stone and bronze, while since she has increasingly worked in clay. His recent works radiate freshness and a sense of still life in movement.

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The Museum of Too Modern Art is a former barn converted into a gallery space. She wanted to deliver the message that with strong will and hard work you can get anywhere, even to the stars. She was the first woman in Slovenia to reach professorial rank in the field of sculpture. Ahmed was one of the biggest stars of Ethiopian music's golden age. Tako Tanya Tagaq kot Wimme bosta nastopila s spremljevalnima zasedbama.

Od takrat naprej sem si prizadevala postati astronavtka. Her considerable oeuvre is self-contained, integrated and transparent in terms of development. Wimme, who hails from romantic Finnish Lapland, today lives in Karelia, but he still performs the traditional yoik of the Sami.

Motivi rezanega cvetja so kakor njegov prstni odtis. The Museum of Too Modern Art is developing into a residential centre for contemporary artists from Slovenia and other countries, and a place where they can live, work and exhibit as a group. Over the last year, he has photographed a recently abandoned house. Exhibiting the two works side by side is nothing short of a sensation, since these are the only two paintings by Masolino to be found in museums in Germany. Authentic museum pieces tell us about how people lived and worked in Slovenia during the last five centuries, ukrainian dating agencies and about the creativity and skills of our ancestors.

Mariza will open this year's Druga Godba. The other temporary exhibition this year takes a close look at the lynx.

His favoured technique is watercolour painting, although he also makes sculptures and monotypes. Res je, kranjske klobase sem odnesla s seboj v vesolje. The festival also features another hero of the North, an artist who has performed with Tagaq in the past.

Her second performance in Ljubljana features an exclusive guest, the Cape Verdean singer, pianist and Tradicionalni pomladanski festival Druga godba bo letos v znamenju Glasov. Tehnika, v kateri ustvarja, je akvarel, izdeluje tudi skulpture in monotipije. They are also an inexhaustible source of inspiration for new generations. Sprehod skozi zbirke je zanimiv prav za vsakogar.

To come and see the lands of her ancestors, since as an American of Slovenian-Indian roots this seemed quite natural to her. Did you always want to become an astronaut? The furniture and objects are a reflection of the personality of someone who lived in the house for many years.