Of course, this is only a legend

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The Prince predicted this maneuver and sent his forces back to Masovia. However, these areas refused to follow the church organization. Gallus wrote that Judith died shortly after giving birth to a son.

The alleged reason for the war was the exile of Zbigniew and his restoration. Brno and Olomouc were also the seats of the Land Court and the Land Tables, thus they were the two most important cities in Moravia. Major towns were garrisoned by Polish troops, and the rest were burned in order to thwart future resistance.

Brno and Olomouc were

Both brothers demanded that the reins of government should be handed over to them. This turn of events was likely due to the fact that Herman owed the throne to the barons, the most powerful of whom was Sieciech. In a desperate attempt to avoid his punishment, he promised he would create, in a single night, a book that glorified the monastery and contained all human knowledge.

The alleged reason

However, he eventually returned to Poland but did not play any political role again. The prince tried to re-established the alliance with his half-brother, without success. With a vast amount of money, the Bohemian ruler returned to his homeland and was concluded a short-lived peace with Bohemia. He slept in ashes and sackcloth, among the streams of tears and sobs, as he renounced communion and conversation with people. His forces attacked Mazovia and quickly forced Zbigniew to surrender.

Sieciech understood that the division of the country would undermine his position. He saw this union and the alliance with Kiev as a serious threat. Zbigniew arrived surrounded by attendants, being carried before him a sword. Hence, his mistake would result in this point.

The Polish prince, took great care of the Hebrew Diaspora, as he understood its positive influence on the growth of the country's economy. But near midnight, the monk realized he could not complete the task alone, so asked the devil to help him finish the book, in exchange for his soul.

By the northern border has been strengthened. Svatopluk decided to paid homage to Emperor Henry V and in exchange received from him the formal investiture of Bohemia. The Prince was thereafter forced to exile Sieciech from the country. Thomas's Abbey in Brno in the s.

All known sources who placed the death of Judith, would then right. On the west side of the Oder river, Henry V hurriedly gathered knights for his expedition against Poland. At this point, the Princes decided to depose their father. Zbigniew was also granted the right to succeed to the throne. Several months later, however, a rebellion of native elites led to the restoration of the region's independence from Poland.