Yes, I sent my man to Claire's

Claire's colour changing nail polish uk dating

Look how dark

As soon as I brushed a coat on my nail, the color changed.

Only because it's so cool is it worth it. The neon yellow usually is a bit more clearly yellow but I was using my lightbox and the lights had already been on for about half an hour thus raising the temperature. Now all I have to do is do some actual work on it so I can tell the good-esque news to my lab tomorrow morning.

It was hard to actually see how well I was polishing the base of my nail because the color immediately became this peachy-beige that wasn't so different from my skintone. Just because it looks so different in changes of lightling, I took more pics a couple days later. Yes, I sent my man to Claire's. This naturally happens since your hands are warm but the nail hanging past the finger is colder so it changes to the secondary color. Anyway, he asked if I wanted him to pick up anything new and I told him to stay on the lookout for the Mood polishes.

No swatch pics yet, but it is a cream polish unlike this sparkly one. Look how dark and light it gets. Not quite as quickly as my matte Zoya polishes, but it had some pretty good chips after the second day.

No swatch pics yet but it