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In one of the omakes mocking Pride devouring Gluttony, Lust is merged with Gluttony instead, giving her Gluttony's face. Olds himself shot down one of the seven, for which he and the other aircrew were awarded Silver Stars.

You cleared your throat trying to rid your mouth of the coppery taste, Lust must have nicked a lung you were drowning in your own blood. In a four-panel omake chapter in the manga, Lust is shown to have a somewhat erotic talent for crushing walnuts with her massive cleavage. Cadets applying to the Air Corps were classified as Air Cadets, with a modified curriculum that provided flying training but eliminated Military Topography and Graphics required for Ground Cadets. He served as Commandant of Cadets for three years and sought to restore morale in the wake of a major cheating scandal. Hawkeye that she's already had to kill one person, implying that she killed Mustang.

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In the manga and anime Lust is the only female Homunculus and the second to be created by Father. It is unknown what the length-wise limits of her fingers are. You reached your hand out towards him and he grabbed onto your head as if it was a lifeline. Marcoh resists, using alchemy to impale the monstrous woman through the stomach, but Lust merely laughs the injury off, remarking that it was very mean of Marcoh to waste one of her lives.

As the smoke clears, Lust appears to have Mustang at her mercy, with one of her talons virtually touching his head. She gets off the train with Strong Arm and Fullmetal, following them to Marcoh's residence.

She tends to act calm and confident, but when pushed to a corner becomes unhinged. He barely made it to his feet before being forced back down by Lieutenant Hawkeye. Though they manage to wound Scar, he escapes before they can confirm a kill and before Gluttony can dispose of the body by eating it.

She gets off the train

Lust also says that she loves how cold and focused Mustang's eyes are, adding that the day will soon come when those same eyes become clouded by suffering. She acted motherly towards Gluttony and seems to have a good relationship with Envy. She is one of the highest commander in Homunculus ranks, takes a role of mistress among them.

He warned that losses would be severe in any resumption of aerial combat. She was rather flirtatious and claims to like aggressive men, as shown in her fight with Mustang. Colonel Maes Hughes in the records room of Central Headquarters. Colonel escapes her, only to be killed soon afterward by Envy. Olds returned to West Point, hoping to graduate early and see action in the war.

Just as Lust is about to pierce through Hawkeye, Mustang reappears, incinerating her. If her philosophers stone is pulled out, her body will crumble into dust. In the anime, Lust is the only homunculus whose creator died before the series began.

She also enjoys taunting men like Roy and Jean. Scar and Lust's counterparts, both in the seats. With these final words, her body and Philosopher's Stone are quickly reduced to dust.