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The research work, based on colour specification measurements on samples ad hoc prepared, in two different laboratories, allow us to obtain two important results. Referring to the studies carried out by Goethe, Itten reported a numerical scale of easytouse light values. On the one hand, the study confirms as expected in terms of the qualitative trend of values of reciprocal relationships of the six colours. Each colour was painted with three coats with a brush of natural bristle directly on hardbound support without any preparation.

His research activity is aimed to the characterization of historical pigments pure and in mixtures through spectrophotometric and colorimetric analysis and using Raman spectrometry. Esperienza soggettiva e conoscenza oggettiva come vie per l arte. Luni Editrice, p Gueli, A. Print Email Oggi un post sugli ultimi acquisti che ho fatto quando sono andata alla fiera Hobby Show a Roma.

Itten himself fostered this idea attributing him the authorship. It is evident that the sum of three pairs of complementary colours is not always constant, as supposed by Itten and Schopenhauer. Starting from the hypothesis that Itten s theory of quantity contrast could not be attributable to Goethe, it is permissible to inquire into the authorship of the statement. Her research interests include interdisciplinary approaches to colourdifference evaluation and applied colorimetry starting from optical properties of materials.

Itten himself fostered this idea

La risposta si trova, a nostro avviso, nell opera di Schopenhauer. In questo studio proponiamo, pertanto, una procedura applicativa per verificare lo schema suggerito da Schopenhauer. Piccoli trattati di storia naturale. Instead, today, we have the skills and the instruments allowing us to accurately study this field.

Il lavoro realizzato, basato su misure di specificazione del colore di provini appositamente preparati, in due differenti laboratori di ricerca, ha permesso di ottenere due importanti risultati. Furthermore, this schema compares the retinal action of each colour respect to its complementary one and with respect to black, supposing its zero value. Tale schema, inoltre, mette a confronto l azione sulla retina di ogni colore rispetto a al suo complementare e rispetto a quella del nero, ipotizzata di valore zero. This research starts from some studies conducted by Schopenhauer in which he presented his theory concerning the relative relationships between colours.

It is evident that the sum