Women are universally crazy

Crazy girl dating matrix

If someone brings

She was also aware she was doing this. We started going on dates and I thought it was going well.

Basically, the key is being hot. More information is not necessarily a good thing. Women are universally crazy. My friend told me not to worry about it, that I was reading too much into things.

Insecurity makes you unattractive. If you are hot, a guy will put up with your craziness. Like, it just really got into my head and psyched me out even as we continued to see and sleep with each other. In order to be a perfect woman, you have to not be a woman. It was really bad luck on his part that it was Amanda.

This should have been no big

The next to the top slot is Unicorn. Most awkward double date ever. Amanda and I showed up, and oh man it was awkward.

If someone brings out the worst in you, run away. This should have been no big deal, but for some reason deeply offended me. She asked what he was like on first dates and he said blank slate. The first was almost a non-thing. And then, like clockwork, he texted her.