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It consisted only of the northwest corner of the present island, and most of its wealthy citizens maintained estates outside of it on the nearby island or on the mainland. Key attractions Perhaps the best-known landmark in the city is the Cadiz Cathedral. The lower level of the monument represents a chamber and an empty presidential armchair. Dance, drink, laugh, make merry and enjoy Spain's biggest party with the famously witty Gaditanos. Nonetheless, the city is home to quite a few gorgeous gardens.

The current theater was built between and over the remains of the previous Gran Teatro. Carnival is a time when anything goes, before the arrival of Lent with its days of abstinence and penitence. The upper level has various inscriptions surmounting the chamber. All construction is prohibited.

However, music is possibly the most outstanding feature at this particular marathon event with locals working hard throughout the year to develop their acts and perfect their performances. It was here that the liberal Spanish Constitution of was proclaimed. After a period of disrepair in the s, the theater has since undergone extensive renovation. The train station, which is a five-minute walk from the Port of Cadiz, offers transportation to nearby villages as well as to Seville and Jerez. There is also a hop on hop off bus that stops right where the ship docks and gives a great tour of the modern part of the city.

Finally, when the royal authorities refused to pay a ransom demanded by the English for returning the city intact, they burned much of it before leaving with their booty. Christopher Columbus sailed from Cadiz on his second and fourth voyages to the New World. The old town benefits, though, from several striking plazas, which are enjoyed by citizens and tourists alike. Though the cathedral was originally intended to be a baroque edifice, it contains rococo elements, and was completed in the neoclassical style.

This riotous, raucous, annual ten-day celebration of music and humour is what Cadiz looks forward to all year. The dark, bold variety of sherry known as Amontillado is a mainstay of the Cadiz dinner table.