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In addition, entries will be added to the table for manufacturers identified by specific production or stylistic characteristics, even if no codes were marked on the tools. Using multiple codes should not have been be a problem as long as the maker let Sears know in advance. As the sales of Craftsman tools increased, even a small one percent failure rate would have resulted in thousands of returns. The Origin of Manufacturer's Codes One well-known but undocumented aspect of Craftsman tools is the presence of a manufacturer's code marking on most although not all tools.

From its modest beginning as a merchandiser of watches, the company grew to become the largest mail-order company in the United States, and eventually became the largest retail company. In observing the usage of manufacturer's codes, we've noted that most examples of the earliest Craftsman tools are not marked with a code.

One of the goals of the Craftsman articles is to identify the manufacturers responsible for the various lines of Craftsman tools, and for the associated brands such as Dunlap as well. This example points out an implicit use of the manufacturer's codes. You've sent several shipments of tools to Sears, custom marked with the Craftsman brand as required by the contract, and your company has started to receive payments from Sears. In all cases the production characteristics are nearly identical, and the slight differences in markings are what might be expected if the tools were being manufactured at two different locations.

Manufacturer's Codes, s to Mid s Code. Additional codes applicable to later years can be seen in the section on Manufacturing Codes, Mid s to s.

Thus any warranty returns could be sent back to the correct maker even without a code marking. When a new type of tool was introduced, initially there was probably only a single manufacturer, and the tools probably didn't closely resemble any of the existing tool models.

These codes have served as a source of heated debate and endless speculation, as people interested in Craftsman tool history attempt to determine which company made a particular tool. Case Studies for Manufacturer's Codes In this section we plan to include discussions of how certain manufacturer's codes were successfully attributed to a particular maker. Currently the table is incomplete, but more codes will be added as new examples are found. Craftsman History The story of the Sears Craftsman brand begins in with the registration of the Craftsman trademark. As a large and unique organization, Sears has been the subject of many publications and studies.

In the remainder of this section we'll go though some typical questions related to manufacturer's codes, then offer a plausible answer based on the framework outlined above. This raises the question as to when the manufacturer's codes first came into general use. If any readers have additional questions in this area, don't hesitate to ask via email. In this section we'll present some reasoned arguments about why such manufacturer's codes came to exist, and then draw some general conclusions about the codes. Introduction This is the first of several articles covering Craftsman brand tools.