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While the dates for most political changes can be precisely determined, the time lag for a given manufacturer to implement the change into their product lineup is less easy to determine. Wilson, a descendant of the globe maker. Simply find the country's index number in the listing and then refer to the Region Map to locate the country more easily.

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The greater the impact of the political change the more incentive there would have been to implement the change and reprint new map gores in spite of any inventory still on the shelf. He set about learning geography from an encyclopedia he purchased for the purpose and learned engraving from an experienced engraver of maps. British East Africa becomes Kenya. This listing is intended to determine an approximate time frame for the publication of your map or globe.

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Ceylon and Burma become independent. Indonesia annexes Portuguese Timor. This is the other end of the distribution pipeline. Bangladesh independence - Ceylon changes to Sri Lanka - Bahamas independence - Guinea-Bissau independence. They were purchased by the Library of Congress in from Harold F.

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