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Dating english tall case clocks, english Longcase Dating chart

Dating a longcase clock

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The chapter ring is an applied, silvered brass ring, normal for this type of clock, but the features are of an earlier period. So identifying a clock just from its name can be difficult and needs careful study.

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As we will see, in properly dating a clock, heimarbeit online dating authenticity or originality is often resolved in the process. Some predecessors to the modern clock may dating english tall case clocks be considered as clocks that are.

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When this is the case, look next to the label. Find out what dealers and collectors have actually paid for antique grandfather, mantel or wall clocks like yours.

The same early clocks had the minutes numbered inside the minute band, and quite small C. Unfortunately today, many clocks are in a similar condition, give or take a few alternative changes. From court to Greece and Rome, showing that enthusiastic. Lenzkirch precision regulator clock. Is my clock authentic and original in all respects?

Pendulums too have a time progression, to they had a thin wire rod with a small rounded bob, often plain lead. From the minute ring is moved inwards on the chapter ring, and the numbers engraved outside the minute ring. The change seems to have been made some time ago!

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All three winding arbors would have been in the centre section of the dial plate. The first clocks were primarily made from oak.

Because the hands of the clock often broke and were replaced, the detail work in the spandrel offers a better option for dating the clock. The principles to be used here apply to most English clocks, and some American ones as well, but the focus of this article will be based on just one interesting example. George Prior is recorded as a London maker, well known and distinguished, a supplier to the home, English market, and to the Turkish market. It would not be long before the weights and pendulum were enclosed altogether to stop the pendulum being knocked accidentally when walking past the clock.

Prior was a London maker and the case suggests a Lancashire style. We also have a stately looking longcase clock that will likely give another years of enjoyment. From longcase clocks ceased being made in London, the clockmakers followed the demands of fashion, and made bracket, or shelf clocks. We can also be reasonably confident that the clockmaker and cabinetmaker, who made the case, were not the same.

These questions apparently can be answered quickly for some, thus leaving the owner with a date range and usually an over-inflated price. Not only was this dial re-drilled to fit this movement, but the chapter ring could also be foreign to the dial. If all of the feasible date ranges for all of the components overlap, there is a good probability that you have an authentic clock, not a marriage. We have now placed twitpic in an archived state. The dial is brass and arched.

The hands were made of steel, very fine, often blued or blacked and not exactly matching. Very popular outside London to Can be seen on the early brass dial pictured above. The bird-cage movement is a guide to location, not date. The hands are non-matching steel.

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