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The railway navvy in nineteenth century Britain. Sadly, it would have benefited from more careful research and editing, and is slightly marred by avoidable howlers. This one has a metal zeroing ring.

The inevitable collision

See letter from Robert Darlaston p. Short-termism of this kind has bedevilled the railway infrastructure for far too long. The book ends with a glossary of technical terms, some supplementary information and a comprehensive index.

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See also letter from Stephen Berry on p. Railway development was early in Dundee, sufficiently so for more than one gauge to co-exist for a time and these railways used the city streets for access, hence the title. They were usually small, about an inch high, and made of brass. Travel on foot, by boat, by bus and tram, by train, and by motor car are covered in lively style.

The Round Foundry constructed seven of these locomotives before Murray ceased their manufacture. The inevitable collision resulted in the death of the Glasgow train driver and slight injuries to a total of nineteen passengers and two sleeping car attendants from the two trains. This is an accessible summary of a complex and important subject, supported by an interesting range of anecdote and reference.

The Round Foundry constructed

Allenby The fatal accident near Beattock Summit mentioned by A. Let's go Glasgow Electric.

We did find ourselves somewhat short of non-corridor stock that summer of and the Eastern Region sent around coaches of various permutations and articulations to help out. The separation of home and work, a crucial factor in industrialisation and hence the birth of the modern world, depended on public transport, and the process is well described. This popular survey of the topic in Great Britain, down through history and covering all transport modes, is therefore welcome. Epic Dating Fails Went out with a hot girl I met a party. This is essential for anyone interested in industrial and mechanical engineering developments in this period and beyond.

See also letter from John Macnab on pp. It is the newest and latest craze to tempt our gambling instinct, and is all the rage all over the country. See also letter from Terry McCarthy on p. After an introduction, the book continues with the development of steam- powered railways.