Dating gilbert clocks banjo

Dating gilbert clocks banjo

The new firm built two four-story brick buildings and hired a new general manager, George Owen.

They made mostly alarm clocks since these were needed even during a time of war. History Though most clock collectors use as the date The Gilbert Manufacturing Company started producing its inexpensive clocks, founder William L. Over the plus year history of the Gilbert Clock Company, many fine clocks were made. Clock labels name the place of manufacture as either Bristol or Winsted, Connecticut.

The new company was named The Gilbert Manufacturing Company. In the clock division of the corporation was sold to Spartus Corporation of Chicago, Illinois for a half-million dollars.

The company was put into bankruptcy in when hit hard by the great depression. The company created such diverse clocks as the banjo clock and ornate mantel clocks, as well as small alarm clocks.

Gilbert clocks are a good choice for collectors. See Resource Large variety Over the years, Gilbert created various styles. After two years of receivership, the company worked its way out of debt, and changed its name to the William L. There are still a lot of these clocks in homes today that still work just fine.

As was the case for most of the giant clock companies, the financial problems continued after the war. Identification When identifying Gilbert clocks, look on the back of the clocks. People needed to get to their war-related jobs on time. Finally, in the company was taken over by the General Computing Machines Company and the name was changed to General-Gilbert Corporation. Ingraham Company of Bristol, Connecticut tried to buy the entire company at that time but for some reason never completed the deal.

Gilbert clocks are a goodSee Resource Large variety Over