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You can give any German address, you don't need to have recidency. See information on your instruction paper. Unlike in Austria they don't have own brands anymore, but re-sell other brands mentioned in our list. An alternative for a small transaction fee except Telekom, which is free is aufladen.

So coming from a rather unsual overseas country, check before, if this is an option for you. Normally, it won't be verified in any way. So first enter your details there and you will be forwarded to the video system. The mess and chaos about prepaid registration in Germany, especially for foreigners has calmed down as routine has set in. No need for action, even if you haven't properly accounted for them.

Recently, Freenet bought a share in the monther company of the chain stores. Yet some providers insisted on this address. Their free Basic plan is not offered, but all other prepaid plans of Telekom can be switched to. Note that all chain stores are usually closed on Sundays and bank holidays.

With this simcard you also get texts and minutes. You may shop around a bit to get the best deal and some shops may try to put you off or try to overcharge you. All providers are sorted according to the network in which they operate. The vouchers of the network operators are most widely available. This market is still legal.

For specifics about the new regulation check the European Union chapter and each provider in their article. If your phone is unlocked- Buy a Prepaid German simcard with flat internet data plans To buy a simcard from a German mobile operator requires you to have an address.

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Of course, this high speed internet connection may pose a problem as you don't have a connection yet. Receiving calls or texts It's always free to receive calls and text messages from any country in the world. For data bundle expiry times, see our product information. Key part of my trip was gaining access to mobile internet so that I could share the trip real-time.

Some restrictions apply, see European Union. How this obstacle can be bypassed, is written in detail in this manual. If you want to stay for longer, you will probably have time to sort out which registration option works best for you.