Currently manufactured in Belgium

Dating winchester 231 1 lb powder canisters

Red Dot has the appearance of flat charcoal gray circular flakes with circular red nylon dots added as an aid to identification. Accurate was not a powder manufacturer per se, rather they contracted with other companies to manufacture the product to their specifications and then they package it.

Also used for pistol and revolver cartridges. The Accurate reloaders guide p. The recommendation given by Accurate Powder Inc. No other applications have been developed for this powder. It is cleaner burning that some of the older double based shotgun propellants.

Canister powders are standardized products which will be consistent from lot to lot in terms of burning rate, pressures developed, powder density and so on. Commercial customers who use data powders, will conduct extensive testing with each new lot to find the appropriate charge weight to use for given load. Infallible and Unique were advertised side by side but for different applications. Data powders are primarily made for the commercial ammunition manufacturers. Unique Unique has been around for a very, very long time so there is a wide variety of data available for various reloading applications.

Rex was marketed as being a cheaper offering than currently available smokeless powders but the brand was handicapped from the start by a lack of reloading data and availability from local sources. Used for reduced velocity highpower rifle cartridges with cast or jacketed bullets.

Red Dot I have found Red Dot to be a surprisingly flexible double based shotgun powder.

Currently manufactured in Belgium. Initially most of the Rifle powders were made by Winchester Olin then they were manufactured in the Czech Republic. They are somewhat less costly to produce than canister powders because the end product does not have to be exactly like the previous lot. The powder may also be degraded due to poor storage conditions of the ammunition.

Unique had the same formulation as Infallible but a slightly smaller grain size. Power Pistol Orignially developed for use in U. Green Dot Bulky powder, somewhat slower than Red Dot. It is a double base flake powder with a burning rate between that of Unique and Herco when used in small capacity autoloading pistol cartridges.

Personally, I avoid these like the plague since there is alway the possibility that two different propellants may be mixed together from different lots of ammunition. Yields very consistent velocities in with heavy bullets. Theoretically cheaper than its competitors, Rex powder had a small following but it never really took off.

All the Rex powders imported into the U. Slow burning double base ball powder originally intended for loading gauge shotgun shells.

Yields very consistent velocities in

It is only common courtesy. Unfortunately that data has been stripped out of the most current Western powder manuals.

Personally I avoid these like the