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Dating women in lebanon

But again check the political situation for that month. My recommendation is any of the myriad of clubs in Monot area. Cultural considerations when dating Levantine women You can not just pick up women on the street like in the West and start chatting with them and get their phone numbers.

She was nothing special but she walked arround like she an Arabian princess. Arab culture is conservative, it could be someone girlfriend or fiance.

This is based on my friendship with many, even though I did not marry them. They have Arab beauty and western culture, Middle Eastern cooking Mezze and morals.

Also there are Syrian ladies there. You can try around Hazmieh near McDs, there are some clubs also. This is also influenced by culture, religion etc.

Generally you need to also take your time with them. You can actually go skiing there, real skiing not like in Dubai. Since they have been rebuilding and is fairly stable.

As far as an Asian or Middle Eastern country for tourism it is interesting. They just happen to be located in the Middle East. Other than that Lebanese gals will be happy to date you if you show any interest in their culture and even learn some Arabic. Combine that with the fact that their culture has a heavy French influence it makes them one of a kind in the Middle East, alluring and exotic. Further, you will meet many half French and Lebanese and half English and Lebanese girls who come for the summer and go clubbing.

My recommendation is any of the

It was started in and has more than members as of now, with roughly equal number of males and females, then between the members the lebanese are mandatory majority. Areas like the Kadisha valley and snow-covered mountains of the East as well as many clubs in Beirut nightlife make it worth it. They are ancient sea-faring people and even connected with the ancient empire of Carthage.

But again check

Put away your credit cards. Some females are reported to be stuck up. This of course does not apply if you go to a night club to meet girls, there anything is possible. However, a lot of people do not know this, Lebanese people are actually not Arabs but Mediterranean Phoenicians people.