It was just terribly crappy

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When the remaining four flee outside, James suggests taking his Prius to his home in Malibu, but a winged demon has roosted on his garage and is fixated on them. Emma Watson has a cameo appearance in the film as herself. However, this causes them to slow down and descend, their combined weights being too heavy for the beam of light. But Morgan Freeman didn't want any part of the movie. Find out more on Wikipedia's Sister projects.

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You must ask a mod for permission to make a Meta post. Before leaving, Danny ridicules his friends, and reveals that Jay had been to Los Angeles in recent months, a fact which he concealed from Seth. James volunteers to sacrifice himself in order to save the others from being eaten and get raptured. The general message of the movie is that everyone in Hollywood are self centered pricks, deep down. The films she starred in promote witchcraft, which is a sin and the work of the devil.

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Jonah chases James and Seth while Craig and Jay flee a demonic creature at the neighbor's house. But I guess you're right, he is very much a whiner.

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Also it was a pretty huge plot point that time couldn't be changed with it, and it would always right itself. Best Kiss shared with Daniel Radcliffe. Watson at the Cannes Film Festival. It's the wildest screen comedy in a long time and also the smartest, the most fearlessly inspired and the snort-out-loud funniest.

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