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There are fairies flying around the forests. Do you think you're the best Mahjong player in the world? Fairies are having an amazing party in the forest. Then test your skills in this brand new Mahjong online game, Fairy Triple Mahjong! Could you help her get ready with a quick and refreshing makeover in this online game for girls?

Rapunzel, Belle and Elsa are in love with the fairies! Choose from a wide variety of hairstyles, clothing, music on mp3 players and makeup too!

Hurry up, get ready for it! Fairies have the best spa in the universe! Have you met ice fairy Elsa? Can you help her unwind with a rejuvenating makeover in this health and beauty game?

While that might never happen, she can still dress like one! Can you help them search through their closets for the perfect outfits and accessories before they go looking for love in this dress up game for girls? Ellie is trying out three different costumes that are totally enchanting.

Help her pick out a magical gown and wand in this dress up game. Create your own beautiful pixie in this online game made for girls! In the land of wizards lived one warm-hearted girl. You are invited to a night of mystery, intrigue and excitement!

This magical fairy queen has mastered the art of controlling fire but fashion? Chloe wishes she could become a fairy godmother. These feisty fairies love to experiment with new styles. You are invited to a very special fairy wedding!

You have to see the ambiance there. All fairies are beautiful and stylish. Cute fairies love to wander in the forest. It's Pixie's birthday today!

The Real Tooth Fairies

This fashionable fairy wants everything to be totally perfect while she hangs out with her magical friends this afternoon. This fairy princess just got back to her kingdom after an epic journey.

The annual fairies ball is coming! Let your imagination soar while you decide what color of hair she should have, which dress she should wear, and much more.

Tooth Fairy Games for Girls

Then log in to see your favorited games here! Do you remember Winx Club? Can you help her clean it up before she gives her enchanted pet a bath in this online game? Pixie will organize this year's organisation. You're going to be surprised to see your next patient.

Have you ever wanted to be a Winx fairy? Bloom is a beautiful winter fairy who makes it snow.

Choose which one you love the most in this magical dress up game, Light Fairy vs Dark Fairy! Which one of these fairy tale characters would be great to hang out with? Beauty fairies will have a meeting about the new trends.

Could you help her find one? Help this princess pick her outfit. What type of fairy do you want to be? How would look your castle if you were a fairy? This teen wants to try out some cool fairy tale makeup and costumes.

Fairy Games

Betty is a beautiful night fairy who goes out only at nights. All of these fairy princesses are searching their kingdom for a new style. It's not always easy to choose what to wear when you are a fairy princess.

Maybe even the prince will be there! You are a fairy trying to find your way in a maze. Midnight bells are ringing! Fairy babies can be so cute but they are also very naughty! All creatures adore the Flower Fairy.

Tinkie decides to open a hair salon in the forest to serve all the fairies there! Cute fairy is really bored with flying around the forest all night. It's going to be really magical!

Ellie the pretty fairy has been invited to the exclusive annual Fairy Ball! Would she look awesome while dressed as a fairy? Tag along with them while they go in search of some enchanting outfits in this dress up game for girls.