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This is not the time to appear dry, impersonal, or overly efficient rather than personal and heart-felt. Consider inserts such as a copy of a news article about your cause, reminding readers what you've done recently. Show pictures of those who are helped by your organization. Busy lives mean letters not responded to immediately may get lost in the shuffle.

Consider using a font and ink color that give a handwritten look to the envelope. While sub-headings and clear fonts can make your letter more readable, avoid the use of too many fonts or too many attention-grabbing devices such as colored words, italics, or fonts. Give people a reason to donate again, don't just assume they'll want to file a renewal. Donors who feel appreciated and good about their contribution will donate again in the future, and although it goes without saying you are thankful, online dating gives me anxiety it is always good to hear the words.

Investing extra time to lay the letter out nicely can help suggest a professional image, reinforcing the idea that your organization is careful, thorough, and organized. This will encourage them to make the same gift again this time along with further reinforcing the feeling that they are respected as valuable contributors rather than just another name on your list.

Include a deadline date by which funds are needed to encourage readers to donate quickly. Use your donation records to generate updates that are relevant and help remind donors how they have helped since they last donated.

Donors will be inspired by the successful work you've already done and how they can help do more of it, rather than depressed by how much work there is to do. Choose high contrast colors for text and background, with your text in a dark color and the paper in a light one.

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Are you writing to existing donors or new donors? Do not feel the need to restrict fundraising letters. Did you find this organization while looking for a new pet to bring home, and found yourself impressed by all the help given by volunteers? Don't bog down your letter with the organization's problems, instead focus on the positive change your donors create by actively helping. Use a unified style for your letter, envelope, reply envelope, and other elements such as thank you letters and repeat donor letters.

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Tell a tale about success to inspire, or dramatically describe what you saw when you came to help. Ask people what difference you've made, and then let readers know about it! Convert statistics such as numbers served by a food bank into stories about people donors can care about. What might shock them, surprise them, anger them, or compel them to really feel the urgency of your request? Create interest and make your donor a hero, because that's what they are.

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Don't be afraid to describe members of your fundraising team either. This suggests a personal touch of honesty and genuine care while maintaining legibility of your name and position. This helps build an image in their mind of the good they are doing by helping out. Thank you letters should be addressed by name to the individual, as should any subsequent mailings where possible. The idea is to foster a feeling of friendship rather than of bank teller and customer.