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Geek Squad to the rescue

The company tracks its success through a variety of metrics. That concept is still in full swing, Christensen said.

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In Home or In Store You can bring your tech to us, or we'll come to you to install and set up new products and repair appliances and electronics already in your home. Those geeks might not have easy time in college.

And in the works is a partnership with FedEx Kinkos as another way to reach customers. If the light show busts, Kapellen gets the call.

Another way to inform your best shopping decision is to use our easy-to-use, easy-to-understand buying guides that walk you through important comparisons and considerations. Employees know that, and will treat these different types of customers differently. They've got tattoos, long hair and the rough look of men who spend their lives sleeping in the back of buses. Most repairs will be completed same-day if all necessary parts are in stock and device is not extensively damaged.

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The word geek is a jargon term originally used to describe bizarre or non mainstream people. Geek Squad offers dozens of Tech Tips to help you get your devices set up, and to troubleshoot when things aren't working properly.

Geeks Quad remote support. We can also give you simple tricks to get more out of your devices or help you troubleshoot any problems, if needed. They're always begging me to put a wireless network on their truck.

Most repairs will be completed sameday