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He is a ten times better rapper than ross, but i dont know what it is about ross every song he drops is good. Problems playing this file? How can anyone think this niggas rhymes scheme is any good? Australian Recording Industry Association.

He might be better off trying to wrestle this nigga outside a club and taping it. The real Rick Ross not having it.

Hallelujah, this goes hard. British Phonographic Industry.

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TM 103 - Hustlerz Ambition (Deluxe Version) Tracklist

The statement caused a stir, and Jeezy quickly clarified his stance via a viral video. It used to be so fresh to hear all of the songs for the first time when you tore off that plastic. Have you ever kissed a frog? At this point, mana rayando el sol mp3 nothing Jeezy says is going to be shocking enough to warrant any real attention.

It received acclaim from music critics and was listed amongst the best tracks of the year by several publications. The people on this blog are ridiculous. You nigga need to stop it with that shit. Any Ross track just like Drake sends me to fucking sleep! It seems like the Drake haters are more obsessed with Drake than the fans are.

Why do some people only like hip hop? Do Right And Kill Everything. Jeezy is jx mad cos he fell off. People are listening to alotta trash he is the posterboy for crappy music.

Eminem has no buzz, his single is soooo wack. You Officer Ross fans should stop listening to hip-hop because your getting fooled too fast. This shit is so confusing. He performed the song during his surprise appearance at L. And who will buy the album?

For the mixtape, see Can't Tell Me Nothing mixtape. Self made you just affiliate I build the ground up, you bought it renovated Talking plenty capers nothings been authenticated. Why would you think Jeezy is trying to make a better version than Ross lool.

Ross has never put out better music than Ross. Jeezy just telling the truth he not trying to make a hit. Thank Me Later, man, a million copies shipped and gone. Folks if you a fan of music I think Drake got a classic on his hands, this track wit Jeezy is crack.

Name one artist that doesnt want to do a song with jeezy? What Aaliyah song he sampled? The following day he announced plans to release his next album, saying it will more deeply detail his street origins. Would you live in a house no windows Or glass house? It means being who you are!

Why did the chicken cross the road? Facebook Twitter About SoundMedia.

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TM 103 - Hustlerz Ambition (Deluxe Version) Tracklist

This is bold text and this is normal text. Jeezy is credited, along with fellow Atlanta-based rappers T. He just spits the same shit.

Did you see MTV s Hottest MC s

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Honestly I hate Drake, but this song is ok. Select Silver in the Certification field.

You can tell alot of you niggas are not from the streets then you would understand. Dont think weezy just sold a milli in a week just like that! And when was he cool with Big Meech? His shit is pretty fucking basic.


All things considered Drake does make some catchy shit. Then the sales shut them all up. This is that joint that was playin in the background of the tour bus when Drake and Jaz Prince were on ustream after the Michigan State concert. At a point in time he lived in Hawkinsville, Ga at N Lumpkin.