Ibluenova For Iphone

IBlueNova - Finally Bluetooth for your iPhone

This app will does not seem to save the settings set and once opened again, all settings are reset. The difference is that this allows direct transfer between two iDevices. Please email me at popscilover gmail. You will see two switches on iBlueNova home screen.

If you pick a pin on one Of the phones and type the same one on the other it should work. Can anybody guide me on this issue. My cydia is not able to search this product. For those who do not know, iBlueNova is an iPhone app that let you transfer files via Bluetooth on iPhone.

What new Apple product do you plan on getting? You can also favorite a device you frequently connect to by tapping on the Star next to it. Wanna download it but link not working. Redo again but stop in the middle. Neither is worth the effort and the iphone becomes just an expensive fasion accessory.

IBlueNova Transfer Files Via Bluetooth

Procedure is the same for transferring Music, video or other types of files via Bluetooth using iBlueNova. If you would like to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone, both iPhones will need to have iBlueNova installed and running. As reported earlier, mining images iBlueNova is available in Cydia now. In this post you are going to learn how to transfer files from iPhone over Bluetooth using iBlueNova.

IblueNova app - Apple CommunityIBlueNova Transfer Files Via Bluetooth

The developer is either dead or busy doing something else. Overall, the app is pretty easy to use. There is no iBluenova found in Cydia.

As there is not pin code set on either of the phones therefore it does not transfer fil. Our Favorite Apps i What is Jailbreaking? You can also choose to have incoming images saved to your Camera Roll. It showed up in the Camera Roll Doug had that option turned on in the Settings and seemed to work. However I can still transfer files from my laptop to the phone.

It isnt available on cydia but it is if you add this source repo. You can also view your transfer activity allowing you to see the progress of transfers or stop a transfer. Once installed, the app is decently easy to use. Does this works for ipod touch.

Polls What new Apple product do you plan on getting? Please help me in this case.

Go to Search tab and search for iBlueNova. Just find the image or file you would like to transfer, select it and select the device you would like it sent to.

Why would you let such a useful program like this die off, and why the fuck are you charging people for it? The application is available only for Jailbroken devices, absolute and exclusive through the iSpazio repository on Cydia. Is that a wireless transfer app too? Adotei mas podia ser mais simples. Does it work on Bluetooth or wi-fi.

Your iPhone must be jailbroken in order to download iBlueNova onto your iPhone. Now it stopped transferring files from my phone to my laptop. Find another solution to your problem or pay this guy to get this back up and running.

How to Transfer File via Bluetooth on iPhone

IPhone Bluetooth TransferHow to Transfer File via Bluetooth on iPhone

The Setting contain quite a few options including the ability to set an authorization security pin which requires a pin to authorize a connection. This is such a great resource you are providing and you give it away for free. Yet again, another dead app development.

This is why people are pirating your shit. You also have the ability to choose how you would like images sent.

It was working well for me. Where did this program disappear to? You can find jailbreak guides linked at the bottom. Does this show the same random itunes library names that iBluetooth does, or are they named songs? Notify me of new posts by email.