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Scaled down to bring about a true pocket battleship. Simply run a modest hearth coal bed with a slow-but-steady supply of smoldering whole pieces of wood and the smoke is drawn into the cooking chamber.

At the core of it is a unique one-handed crankwheel operated chain-and-gear that raises and lowers an infinite mix of grill surfaces over a professional hearth. Like her smaller siblings she also comes with a center plancha and acres of resting, staging and smoking zones overhead, topped by about a mile of suspension rail space. The Langelier is well-suited to bringing restaurant-grade performance to a home kitchen. And we understand that our systems are stages upon which chefs perform for guests, so the X system visuals are unmatched in finish, presence and drama.

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We're constantly challenged to use it to its full advantage, which makes it less like a tool than a source of inspiration. Call or email for specs, drawings and quotes.

In the Infierno line the X system is integrated into our flagship roll-in hearth units. The Infierno X system is a patent-pending, limitar significado yahoo dating ultra heavy-duty adjustable hearth cooking system. The infiernos that came of this teamwork are truly our ships of the line.

Even with the main doors wide open the deck will maintain high temperature. It took two years, many tests, failures and iterations, but what came out still stands as one of our proudest achievements. Live-fire on an open hearth is often more art than science, so this system can shorten the learning gap between the seasoned chef to those new to the discipline.

It is a hearth, a grill, a smoking system, and an improvised baking machine, And all this action is visible to customers - live fire cooking is a show. Between them lies the third station - the hearth. Call or email orders grillworks. Want the ultimate home statement grill?

Complimenting the open cooking is her integrated Blanco oven, pulling heat and smoke from the fires of the hearth. Shown here with the Blanco Oven Cap, an adjustable-venting smoke oven chamber that captures the power of the hearth beneath to bake, short-form smoke or hold. The Blanco is also well-suited to slow smoking with a minimal fire.

Flanking the central Blanco Oven are two of our brand-new multi-angle rotisserie stations, offering both large format vertical capability and traditional horizontal spits. The Blanco's hearth is also used as a grilling or searing zone, either directly on the coals or with our optional plancha or drop-in grill surface. This guards against the surface cooling that can occur in ovens that rely on convection or in-chamber fires to maintain heat. The lifting gears are shielded from the action of the hearth while the elements critical to chef operation and guest eyes are exposed for all to appreciate. Resting and suspension shelves arc over the cooking area, giving the chef the flexibility to cook in practically any manner that he or she can dream up.