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ISO 4406 Contamination Chart

Oil Analysis Laboratories. Each of the defined particle sizes are expressed in a given range, rather than the actual particles measured in the test. Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association, Inc. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Technology International, Inc.

When we do take the engine apart, it is always very clean, and wear is extremely minimal. This standard is world-wide, which for the fluid power industry and its plethora of global organizations, is quite astonishing in and of itself. Synapse Information Resources, Inc. International Electrotechnical Commission.

How the ISO Cleanliness Code is DeterminedUnderstanding ISO

How the ISO Cleanliness Code is Determined

There is also a heavy reliance on this value by end-user analysts. Current Issue Archive Advertise. This process is very environmentally friendly and saves the County Taxpayers dollars. Every number represents double the range of particles, danaveerasurakarna telugu movie and this is an important consideration.

Understanding ISO

Likewise, the upper and lower limits are double that of the upper and lower limits of the next lower code. Springer-Verlag New York, Inc. Often times, an end user will establish a target value to achieve, thus offering a level of confidence so long as the used oil sample meets this established target. The numbers of particles are counted based on this value. Best Ways to Measure Air in Oil.

To ensure that you achieve the most efficient and relative results, it is important to maintain an oil analysis program. At each row, the upper limit for each code is approximately double that of the lower limit for the same code. Manage society memberships. Trans Tech Publications Inc.

They consulted with us every step of the way to create a comprehensive test program. Standards Australia International, Ltd.

What the ISO Code Can Tell You

In early Kleenoil came to us asking questions about the oil program in our bus fleet. Telecommunications Industry Association. The particles are measured by specialized machines using a laser to count the size and number of particles breaking the beam as they flow past.

Hydraulic fluid power - Fluids - Method for coding the level of contamination by solid particles. Telecommunications Standards. This can be seen in the example on the left. This document specifies the code to be used in defining the quantity of solid particles in the fluid used in a given hydraulic fluid power system. The raw data from particle count testing allows the end user to confirm data from other tests such as elemental analysis and ferrous index.

As a leader in Eagle County in wishing to operate as a greener entity, we continually look for ways to operate more efficiently. Contaminant-free lubricants and components will extend the lifetime of both, and in turn increase the overall reliability of the equipment. Please feel free to have anyone call if they have any questions. One of the first things we noticed when we started using PowerUp is that our engines run cooler.

Prices subject to change without notice. Aerospace Industries Association.

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Currency display settings. Construction Specifications Institute, Inc. We have prevented major engine failures from just the visual and physical condition of the Kleenoil filter itself. This chart indicates the actual ranges.

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Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc. Why is cleanliness so important?

What the ISO Code Can Tell You

Staying Clean Why is cleanliness so important? The program started with a complete analysis of our oil program.

What Is the ISO Cleanliness CodeDetermining a Target ISO 4406 Cleanliness Level