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Preston Thomas as Tournament Liaison. It also helped that I grew up near the Pennsylvania Dutch and plenty of bowling lanes. Ends up with a seven-ten split between hilariously tasteless and just plain distasteful. Joanne Wolfe as Silver Legacy Waitress.

You can see the Strip Club Owner running out of the club after them holding his crotch. Roy pays off the Boorg family's debts with his endorsement check, and Roy and Claudia drive away together. Lorri Bagley as Beautiful Dancer. During the final match, Ishmael's brother, who had been sent by the Boorg family, arrives and takes Ishmael back to Pennsylvania.

Roy suspects Claudia has ulterior motives and is distracting Ishmael. Stacy Lundin as Bowling Biker Babe. His average was because he was taught to bowl fifteen frames and not the standard ten. Nancy Frey-Jarecki as Sarah Boorg. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email.

Dumars, eventually being reduced to trade sexual favors with her for a break on his back rent. He is always behind on his rent and is constantly harassed by his landlady, Mrs. Harrelson's Bowling Double. Patrick Healy as Urinal Boy.

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Billy Andrade as Bowling Buddy. Black and white basketball hustlers join forces to double their chances of winning money on the street courts and in a basketball tournament. When this film first came out, I had no use for it. Melinda Kocsis as Unified Fund Mom.

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Then I was home sick one day and caught it on cable. Ishmael defeats a wealthy bowling enthusiast named Stanley Osmanski, but Stanley attacks the duo after discovering that the roll of cash Roy put up was fake. Willie Beauchene as Bunion Boy. One day he meets Ishmael who is Amish and sneaks away from the farm to bowl his fellow Amish would disown him if they knew! Chris Elliott as The Gambler.

Googy Gress as Lancaster Bowl Manager. Was this review helpful to you?

Tom Leasca as Beaver Bowl Hustler. Tom Lupo as Beaver Bowl Hustler. David Shackelford as Red Neck Stutterer. Willie Garson as Purse Snatcher. Paul Pelletier as Beaver Bowl Hustler.

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British Board of Film Classification. This film will offend alot of people, and many references played for humor may make folks feel uncomfortable, but I loved it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rick Barker as Beaver Bowl Hustler. Michele Matheson as Rebecca.

Julie Byers as Big Ern's Valet. After Roy gets in a fistfight with her, Ishmael flees. Ishmael's parents explain that Roy and Claudia told them about Ishmael's forbidden bowling career, but also about the moral strength and decency he showed during his travels. John Cioffoletti as Philips Head Bowler.

Kingpin Theatrical release poster. Your fave of the highest-grossing sports movies? King of the Monsters Debate.

Mark Charpentier as Bowling Buddy. The duo earn money in various local tournaments and by hustling bowlers. Later on, Claudia disappears with all of their money after being discovered by Stanley. Hillary Matthews as Mother With Carriage.

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Kingpin Critics Consensus Kingpin has its moments, birthday videos but they're often offset by an eagerness to descend into vulgar mean-spiritedness. Kingpin makes inspired comedy by channeling the Weber spirit-and the humble reality of the circuit-through the frame of an inspirational sports movie.

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John Popper as Bowling Tournament Announcer. Theatrical release poster. Kathy Farrelly as Bowling Biker Babe.