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Having played the previous contest, I realized that bases came about in waves. But to be brutally honest, it truly is impossible to ascertain the best honor range to be at. Honor Calculation The actual honor calculation changes based on your current honor level. What honor range did you play at for the contest? Honor is gained by successfully attacking enemies or successfully defending against them.

This process has not yet been reverse-engineered to find an exact formula, and the formula is likely tiered for various ranges. My job requires me to travel about to meet clients and hold meetings quite frequently. Being adequately prepared, having a good team behind you, having friends to motivate and encourage you is quintessential. If not you lose more honor.

What preparation did you do for the contest? What type of games you play? Since this cuts off most of the bases in the game, ghost bases will start to pop up, and most of the bases you see will be at an honor level much lower than where you currently are. Any higher than that and you will almost certainly be attacked whenever you are available for attack. Consequently, I reside mainly in hotels and planes.

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The main reason for this was because the healers were not able to out-heal the damage output from the new heavy arrow towers on the essence masters. To get honor easily, attack the village that are easy for you. Do you think it is possible under the current game set up for anyone to beat your score from this contest? Apart from that, I had my crew on Line chat.

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You may visit them and observe their bases to at least defend your base. Good music makes the game time more exciting and less boring! The hours would depend on who we are stacked up against.

After all I did not finish the full hour grind. Or defend your village to earn more honor. Make sure that the enemy your attacking is easy for you. How can we improve contests in the future? How long did you play for during the contest?

Equally, those looking to sit down and do some serious gaming will be more than satisfied training up troops, casting spells and doing some hardcore village raiding. When will the next wave of bases come about again?

First, congratulations on winning two consecutive personal tournaments. Explore a mystical world as you battle through lush forests, snowy mountains, and deserts. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device's settings. Wage war with other alliances and compete to dominate the realm. The next thing you know, you can go for minutes on end having nothing to find.

You will gain honor after successfully winning a battle in Matchmaking but you will lose honor if you lose the battle. Share Honor is the primary measurement used in Samurai Siege when attacking in Matchmaking. Matchmaking is based on your honor count rather than your in game level.

Those looking for a game to dip in and out of while on the bus will enjoy the swift battles in campaign mode. This should spark a greater level of intensity and make the individual contest more enjoyable. Getting Honor In order to get some honor or respect, one must attack another village. Alliances with the highest honors.

In order to run the game for you, we need to collect and use data from you. Some in-game items can be purchased with real money.

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Then in the future, maybe you're one of them and your alliance. Also, I did slowdown as I was unable to maintain the same level of concentration throughout the entire course of the tournament. Any other suggestions for improvements for the dev team? At extremely low honor under it is unlikely you will be attacked due to the sheer volume of easy bases in this level and the extremely low limit. Under the right conditions, I believe it would be definitely possible to do so.

Having joined Quantum only a couple of days before the competition, I was admittedly nervous in this rather unfamiliar environment. Did you deliberately target this honor range and if so why? My honor was at when I started off.

Lead an army of Samurai, Ninjas, and fantastic monsters of the East to glory! At this level of Samurai Siege, small advantages like this pay off and the combination of a marginally faster device and avoiding hitting Next could well have made the difference! Use at least archers or samurai to save your essence. How long have you been playing Samurai Siege? Defend your village against hordes of enemy ninjas, samurai, dating deal breakers meaningful use and creatures!

Samurai siege alliance war matchmaking - MizbanDate!

All one can really do after the preparations are complete, is to go in with a positive mentality and hope for the best. Witnessing their teamwork and solidarity seamlessly unfold for the first time was indeed a spectacular feat. Fibre does two things, it slows the processing of carbohydrates and makes them a more efficient long-term energy provider and it also fills you up. Build your village into a mighty stronghold! How are you able to attack so quickly?

Did your strategy for this contest differ from the previous one and if so how? There is no secret, tools or technical help involved or at play.

Honor is also used to level up the Cannon of Doom and Mercenary Camp. The strategy indeed was different from the previous tournament.

Reb watched my back for competitors and like a taskmaster, kept me on track, spurring me on. We are currently looking into this issue and working on a fix for a future update. This time it was dragons, essence masters and archers. Because I travel light, I am pretty much limited to games that are available on the iPad.