The only mistress you'll ever need

Mistress Emily punishes in pantyhose

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To ensure it is not easy She drops Her pussy on his face as he struggles under Her to put them on. She turns every so often to dominate his face with Her feet and make him lick and suck the bottoms.

She wraps HerShe gyrates over his faceHer perfect pussy gleams from

Related galleries Related Videos. She wraps Her nylon covered feet around his head and steers him up and down as he licks Her hard. Her perfect pussy gleams from Her orgasm and a sadistic smile plays on Her face as She orders him to his knees and grabs the spanker. She orders him to his knees and fastens a bit gag in his mouth then uses a pair of pantyhose for the reins and a red whip to spur him on and off She goes. With his hands bound behind and under him all he can do is watch as She starts to tease him.

He is in no position to do anything about it but take it as She stuffs Her toes in his mouth and Her foot swings back and forth slapping his face. This is how you're punished when you act like a slut. She rides him and grinds Her pantyhose covered ass into his chest as Her feet beat a rhythm on his cock and balls.

She tells him exactly

Each time you forget to clean our apartment, I'll punish you. Mistress Emily moves the slave to his back and positions Her ass over his face. Dana visits Mistress Samantha's play room.

Now I'll punish my cock

She tells him exactly how She wants him to lick and settles back to enjoy Her tongue whore as he does his daily duty. She gyrates over his face for some time, Her ass having a life of its own as it shakes and weaves. Now I'll punish my cock teasing slut.

She orders him