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High Stakes rolls out the glamour cars, including Porsches, Ferraris. The standard races and police pursuits are bolstered by a new type of race High Stakes and two new pursuit modes Getaway and Time Trap. Just one click to download at full speed!

This is a great follow up to the earlier games in the Need for Speed series, as it has many new cars and features for you to try out. One new concept for the Need For Speed series, as the title alludes to, is consequence. With such slick handling, eye-catching graphics, and addictive gameplay, service manual motorcycle Need ranks as one of the spring's must-drive racing games.

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The cars themselves look great. They really did a great job here.

Not only do the understeering cars forgive lock-to-lock wheel thrashing, they flat-out demand it. Completing races also unlocks the tracks for single race purposes, and completing Tournament events unlocks the Special Event events. Use only installed game binary nfshs.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The car was built for the Mulsanne straight, and not for Milton Keynes, so it's hopelessly impractical on almost every track. You've watched the fat-head in the Mercedes laugh theatrically down a mobile phone. Lamborghinis, McLarens, Corvettes, and many more.

Multi-player and internet support is also in full force for this title. Play Now Download the full version.

System requirements

If turning on the red light ain't your thang. One way around this would be to have an extra memory card to copy your cars on. You compete to win money that is used to upgrade your car, and later purchase more expensive and better performing machines.

Need For Speed NFS 4 High Stakes PC Game Free Download

It works, on Windows but there is a problem. With a wide variety of tracks, you will surely find this game challenging and interesting for quite a long time.

The stock versions of these cars are really no match for the others on the track. As we have got thousands of racing games and in this version, we are not going to have a different track that is so poor. Maybe they'll have emulators for old graphics cards some day. Mail will not be published required. Download Link Magnet Link.

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If you damage your car, you will get stuck with the repair bill at the end of the race. There are only two things that I did not really like about the game, but neither one should prevent you from buying it.

Opponents are tough and always on the case. This is a fun part of the game and quite different from most racing games. The cars, racetracks and scenery are very good. What I really like about this game is the set of features that I could not find in much later games e.

It doesn't wag its tail on every corner and, if you manage to squeeze anything more than mph out of it, it's when going downhill on a long straight. Can't forget those cars either. Replaying a race is always lots of fun as well.

System requirements

Need For Speed NFS 4 High Stakes PC Game Free Download

If the speeder has not been arrested when time is up, the player has the option to quit to the Race Results menu or to continue play for as long as possible. This game brings improved realism to video game racing with some of the most sought after high-performance sports cars ever built. High Stakes looks like it's on track to being a worthy sequel, we'll have to wait to see how the final version of the game comes together this March.

Career mode lets you pick a car then enter racing circuits in order to gain cash so that you can buy better cars or repair a current vehicle. The game presents itself in a very slick, detailed manner, right down to the chrome on the car.

If yes, then great, otherwise no problem. Now you're trying to ignore the blimp in the Transit who's dredging his ears with a McDonald's straw. Although, a good machine is probably a wise idea when playing this thing over the internet, or even normally, as slow down does occur. Racing enthusiasts, take note.

Need for Speed 4 High Stakes

German doesn't work, because the application can't load german speak files of the cops. If you compete in a race without damaging your car, you will be awarded a safe driving record bonus.

You can add traffic, weather and night driving to add a bit of realism and difficulty. Become successful as both cop and robber and you unlock bonus cars.

As you run from the police, you can hear their radio transmissions as they send out reinforcements to get you. There is also a new mode where you can go head to head against a friend and make your cars as the bet. Although, it is still very easy to use and navigate.