Inert usually, but when set alight begins bouncing and spinning with high energy. It's a solid, but when you shake it with the move tool, it throws of liquid! The cause is simply that string acts similiarly to elastic. Immediately pour in the batter, and sprinkle the top with a pinch of garlic salt. Oddly behaves with gravity.

Has almost every element property. Bumpy gray solid, stays in place where it is spawned. My Great Grandma used to make these for me every time she made biscuits. Is bumpier than drawn, and is very sticky.

Hoe Cake Recipe

Odd controllable material. Seems like a wall at first, but reacts very interestingly to different substances. Weird marchmallow-like blue string thing that becomes white, sticky and mochi-like when burning.

It also has the same density as water. Any material containing this combination will generate many Baker-Bertrand particles.

Hoe Cake Recipe

Grey material that spawns a gooey form of itself upon movement or impact. Change color to brown and it makes a good tree trunk or wood.

All versions

All versions

Mochi-powder which sometimes grow huge by dropping them or dragging them. It can be made a antigravity jet-propelled Rigid Axis if you spawn a line of it and then unpause, pause again and attach more of it to the ends of the stick. Pale green rigid that does not react with gravity.

Cover the bottom with it, and drop random boxes of stuff on it. Is unaffected by all materials and goes absolute bat-shit when certain materials touch it.

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Floating Mochi that acts normally and the only difference is that it floats. If drawn with shape and dropped, color wheel vector it explodes. Useful for setting powder bombs and other substance mixed materials that explode. Shape it on a straight line Not thick and big but tall to make a laser bomb.

OE-CAKE Download (Free)

Axis that spawns mochi around itself. This material can strip through weak non-solids! Grey blob with red spikes. Outflow that behaves like elastic, but absorbs everything except rice, elastic, brittle, and light.

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Extinguish it completely with water and it looks just like liquid outflow. Explodes when fire touches it. To make experimenting with recipes easier there is the Recipe Helper application for Windows.

Place this on some areas which has impervious material! Magical elastic self-vibrating, levitating thing. Recipes are combinations for use in Mix Mode. It was one of the first engines with the ability to realistically process water and other materials in real-time. Useful for GodModing explosions.

Selfly air detonating bomb that explodes when hitting H heater or fire elements, If big enough shapes the explosion of an exact mushroom cloud. Orange Mochi that jumps when spawned, Jumps even more when burning. This recipe stems back to my great-great grandmother.

When it's set on fire it vanishes! It like gets bigger and shit. Adding User as a component will make the resultant material user-controllable. Bolo Baeta Brazilian Milk Cake. Water makes the goo turn partially black, fire makes it explode.

If you draw a box, it will transform into an symmetrical figure, and if it's dragged, it will explode and act like liquid outflow. Sends out liquid fuel, If burnt it turns into long lasting lava, Burnt inflow spits out more long lasting lava, Burnt inflow is used for come-out lava volcanos. Can be contained by cooler and is user controlled. If something knocks it, it drops down slowly like gas.

IngredientsOE-CAKE (free) download Windows version

Gooey, absorbs heater and destroys fires. Controllable wall that goes through anything, even the edge of the sandbox as long as drain is off.

Note that the material burns, even though there is no Fuel or Powder in the recipe! This is something I have never tried before.

User-controllable wall that secretes a grey, mochi-like substance when moving. When you pick it up and move a few times, It sometimes explodes. Self spawning light blue powder that regularly shoots powder into the air for the first few seconds until it settles. Can be pierced by rigid solids jet, fuel, rigid, etc. Burns slowly Best used in small amounts for maximum jump height.

Slides around if Jet added. This is an unusual blue solid that spawns a heavy blue gas. Please do not take it too seriously.