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He has the Holy Ganges in His matted hair and destroys the fear of the cycle of birth and death. Surrender to Buddha, to the Holy company. He bestows grace, uplifts the fallen and miserable, and destroys our sins. The atmosphere echoes with Shiva's name. Sai si Gopala, Nanda's son, and Rama, the jewel of the Raghu dynasty.

Jennifer Lopez, family attend Ariana Grande concert. He is worshipped in the temple at Badhrachalam. Protect me and destroy my sins. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Priyanka Chopra.

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The Lord of Parthi is also Allah and Ishvara. The balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet as depicted by Frank Dicksee.

The Lord has incarnated in every age and is the Sustainer of entire creation. He is the incarnation of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, and the cause of this illusory creation. Bow at the feet of Ganesha, who rides a mouse, has a sweet in His hands and is ever pure. He is filled with all virtuous qualities.

The jewel of Ratnakara dynasty is the lotus-eyed Lord Narayana. Many people write their names and the names of their beloved ones on the walls of the entrance, known as Juliet's wall.

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We serve personalized stories based on the selected city. The Lord of Parthi is the embodiment of Supreme compassion. The resident of Parthi, mother of the Vedhas and the arts, bestows good fortune and sustains the Universe.

Amazingly Attractive Ladies. Worship the beloved, beautiful, auspicious Lord Vinayaka, who has one tusk, and is the son of the Mother of the Universe. The Lord of Parthi is the embodiment of Lord Shiva. He is the one who lived as a cowherd in Mathura, mp3 lagu anak anak Vraja and Gokula.

Ram Chahe Leela is the song featuring Priyanka Chopra in a sexy white choli and skirt. The most awaited item number of the movie Ram Leela is now out. Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. Lyrical video of Sidharthan Enna Njan song released.

Chant the name of Krishna the lifter of Govardhana Mountain. Reminder Successfully Set! He is ocean of mercy, imperceptible and faultless.

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The Lord of Parthi, destroys the fear of birth and death and protects the destitute. Glory be to the ever pure Lord Rama. Beloved Sai Ram, You are the one God for us devotees.

Ram Leela Ram Chahe Leela song

Ram Leela Ram Chahe Leela song

His sanctified name grants love and dispels sins. Sai, the eternal and marvellous form of love, truth, knowledge and bliss, grants eternal happiness and peace to those devoted to Him. Pray Thee to grant us the opportunity to server Thy Lotus Feet. She bestows auspiciousness.

He walked the gardens of Brindavan and lifted the Mandara mountain to protect His devotees. The sovereign ruler, whose very nature is bliss, is our protector.

Tata Memorial Center Documentary short Herself. The son of Shiva is also known as Kandha, Kadamba and the one with the resplendent mace as His weapon.

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The one who resides on the banks of river Kaveri. He is worshipped by saints and sages. Bilingual film Hindi and Telugu. He is our true guru, mother, and father.

Karnivool, Aussie Rock band tours India. Nuvvena from Sita On The Road is a pursuit of desire from women's heart.

The unchanging and the formless is incarnated now in the form of Sai Guru. Om Namo Baba Worship and install in your mind the feet of the Guru, otherwise, it is difficult to cross the ocean of life and death. He is the delight of Gopis. She grants perpetual bliss and freedom from fear, and protects the vituous.

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Bassjackers perform at a music festival in Hyderabad. He is the immaculate Lord, who bestows auspiciousness. Hari, Gopala, Govinda, Ghana Shyama dark-complexioned one. He is Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshvara, the beloved of devotees and supporter of all religions.

The beautiful Lord is all merciful and is the cause of final dissolution. You are as precious as our eyes.

He sleeps on Shesha, the king of serpents. Rama, who carries a bow, and slew Ravana, was crowned King of Ayodhya.