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Samsung uses approved industry standards for memory cards, caesar iii full game but some brands may not be fully compatible with your phone. Run Samsung Kies and copy data and files. Samsung S Add to Compare Compare. Games Learn to use games and applications powered by award- winning Java technology.

Select the check boxes next to contacts and select Add. Enter contact information.

Convertor Convertor In Menu mode, select Convertor Enter the currencies or measurements and units in the appropriate fields. When you are finished, select The recorded voice plays. Select the appropriate virtual keys to enter an entire word.


Rotate or resize the image as desired and select Save the edited image with a new file name. Change the text input method When you tap the text input field, the input panel with the virtual keypad appears by default. Set up connection profiles to use for network features.

Samsung S3370 Specs

To upload files, select Tap to add and select a media file. Display and light Access and alter the following settings to control the display and usage of light on your phone. Activesync ActiveSync Learn to synchronise personal data, such as emails, contacts, calendar events, and tasks, between your phone and your Microsoft Exchange server or Google account. Select for rotate or for resize.

Select a text or multimedia message. In Idle mode, open the widget toolbar and select Rotate the phone anti-clockwise to landscape view. You can set voice memos as call or alarm ringtones. In Idle mode, select Edit at the top left of the screen.

The download of Java games or applications may not be supported depending on the software of the phone. Safety Precautions Do not use the phone if the screen is cracked or broken Broken glass or acrylic could cause injury to your hand and face. Settings Settings Access the Settings menu Settings. Slide a hand strap through the hand strap hole and hook it over the small projection.

Samsung S3370 Specs

Unauthorised chargers or cables can cause batteries to explode or damage your phone. Use widgets Widgets are small applications that provide convenient functions and information on your idle screen. When the phone lock feature is enabled, Password you must enter the password you set for the phone.

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Set the network selection method to automatic or manual. In Menu mode, select Event list Select an event type. Follow all local regulations when disposing of used batteries or phones.

Adjust the intensity of the vibration that results from tapping the screen. Task Learn to create a virtual task list and set alarms to remind yourself of important tasks or set priority. Select Select an email or a header.

Samsung Support Singapore

Enter the post details and select Last. Using an incompatible memory card may damage your phone or the memory card and can corrupt data stored on the card. Customise the settings for the calendar. Set auto rejection Use the auto rejection to reject calls from certain numbers automatically. Voice Recorder Select Create memo.


Use only Samsung-approved chargers and cables. Entertainment Entertainment Camera Learn how to capture and view photos and videos. View an email message In Menu mode, select Messages Select an email account.

Samsung S3370 Games Free Download

Samsung S - Full phone specifications

World Clock World clock Learn to view the time in another region and set world clocks to appear on your display. Safety And Usage Information Safety and usage information This safety and usage information should be followed to safely use your phone. Customise the setting and select Phone profiles Select a sound profile to use or customise sound options in profiles as desired.

Logs Select Voice recording. Your phone recognises people in an image and detects their smiles. While navigating the web, select Bookmarks to bookmark the current web page. Rotate the phone anti-clockwise to landscape view.

Samsung S3370 Games Free Download

Communities To synchronise only your emails, ActiveSync. Select a help topic to learn about an application or feature. It uses standardized communications protocols to allow mobile phone devices to exchange short text messages over the networks.

Speak into the microphone. Tools Tools Alarms Learn to set and control alarms for important events. Select Drag an application icon to the location you want.

In Menu mode, select Search for and download media files to the phone as desired. Tap once with your finger to select or launch a menu, option, or application. In Menu mode, select Select a setting category and select an option. Insert a memory card with the label side facing up.

In Menu mode, select Playlists Create. Select the arrow at the bottom right of the screen. Settings In Menu mode, select Wallpaper. Incompatible batteries and chargers can cause serious injuries or damage to your phone. Access Help Information Access help information Learn to access helpful information about key features of your phone.

When the subject smiles, the phone automatically takes a photo. In Menu mode, select Select a memo to view its details. Tap the input field, enter your text, and select Select Save. Select to start recording. Customise Your Phone Open the widget toolbar and select The marked widgets are available from the widget toolbar.

Samsung S3370