Sexy thick and light skinned

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It objectifie s women and celebrates those who are not kissed by the sun. Funny as you can tell I'm Dark skin, simple as this our community, our culture has placed each one of these beautiful Woman on a pedestal. Why are people so threatened by light skin men and women that we have to be shut down or moved against. The video has been added to your member zone favourites. Bullshit anti black fetshizing nonsense.

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Why are people

And what I also hate how half of the women aren't light skin. Don't blame Black skin, Brown skin, White skin, blame yo broke ass.

It objectifie s women and

Light skin women represents the beauty between the essence of both races. They have no substance inside, no nutritiona l value to pass on. Granted I have beautiful blood sister's that are just as beautiful but just like the rest of the rocks.

The more money you have

The more money you have the better looking your wife going to be. Add to favorites Report innapropriate video. This hot and so damn sexy light skin chick with her big ass makes you bite your fingers when you see her riding a cock.

The video has beenSee more ofThis hot and soLight skin women representsBullshit anti black fetshizing